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Budget revisit: October 2014


October 2014 was the first time I really noticed and appreciated the beautiful colors of fall. It was not, however, a great month for the budget.


Clockwise from top right:

  1. Medina amethyst stackable rings (Chloe and Isabel) - $42 Not sure how to quantify these because I returned them! I loved them but they just didn't fit :( 
  2. Opal earrings for sensitive ears (Etsy) - $16 HIT I wore these a bunch last fall. They're a little big for everyday studs, but they're super pretty and didn't bother my ears, a major win!
  3. Be Mine mismatched studs (Chloe and Isabel) - $35 HIT LOVE THESE. I wore these daily for months! (Until I lost the heart stud, womp.) They also didn't bother my ears and are beyond cute.
  4. Ugg moccasins (Greene Street) - $44 MISS I actually just consigned these back to Greene Street! They just didn't fit, even though I have other Uggs in the same size, and I'm not sure why I didn't return them.
  5. Kitty's Ring (JewelMint x Erin Fetherstone) - $30 MISS I love this ring but it's just too big on my baby fingers. SO SAD.
  6. Lace underlay cardigan (Target) - $22 on sale for $11 HIT/MISS I have worn this a few times, but it's actually a piece I've been struggling with in the KonMari method. It's cute but not super soft/comfy and not something that I'm ever psyched to reach for in my closet.
  7. (not pictured) OPI Glitter Off peelable base coat - $9 MISS Simply because I haven't used this! I bought it and then really haven't used any glitter polishes, since they are such a bitch to get off!
  8. (not pictured) Supergoop lip balm - $8 MISS This was supposed to be awesome, but it smelled/tasted strongly of sunscreen which I hate.

Oh, and my feel better purchases for getting blood drawn at my physical last year ($24 and $7 respectively, woo BOGO 50% off at Francesca's!): HIT/HIT I wore both of these daily for months! That's the jewelry dream!

Four hits out of ten purchases?! Well, that's not great! The slight silver lining, though, is that I did learn from some of these misses and no longer buy size 5 rings online, nor do I buy costume rings with the hope that they can be resized (duh?). And I don't buy shoes online, unless they're from some place where I can do easy, in-store returns (i.e. so I'm motivated to actually return them if need be).

Revisiting the Budget: September 2014


Ah, September 2014, what a great time you were. Actually, it's a huge blur aside from my first trip to Disney World (!!) and my first full month at home (and sans-walking boot!). Momentous occasions indeed. September 2014 included one of my FAVORITE purchases of the past year (also featured here!) and some disappointing ones too, womp. Without any further adieu, let's go back, back to the beginning......

  1. Grey cardigan (Old Navy): $20 - 20% off = $16 BEST PURCHASE EVER. I love this cardigan so much. It is the perfect length, perfect color, and perfect texture. It was also one of my most worn items in Outfit Documentation August! SUPER HIT
  2. Handmade scarf (Knack Philadelphia): $27 Not my best purchase. I love the color, but I always forget about this scarf, for some reason. Also, I think this store is now closed? :( Double MISS
  3. Sam & Libby ballet flats (Target): $30 Not my fave ballet flats, but they were an emergency shoe purchase and allowed me to get rid of my super beat old leopard flats, so HIT.
  4. Gap Legging Jean Skimmer: $50 - 40% off = $30 These are a great not-quite-denim-blue color (a timid venture into colored pants!) and got quite a bit of wear last fall/spring! HIT
  5. Zoya Magical Pixie Dust in Ginni (Ulta): $10 - $5 off bday coupon (woohoo!) = $5 This is a HIT for the price but a MISS for the texture. However, it did teach me to stick to Zoya's regular Pixie Dust line! (The extra glitter of the Magical Pixie Dust kept getting caught on things, grr.)
  6. Floral backpack (Payless): $35 - $5 off = $30 Another split HIT/MISS. It was perfect for my trip to Disney World, which is why I got it, but I really had no use for it afterward, and it started falling apart as well.
  7. Blue polka dot infinity scarf (Old Navy): $13 - 30% off = $9 This sucker's gotten quite a bit of use for $9! HIT
  8. (not pictured) Gray hobo whose virtues I've already extolled (Target): $35 on sale for $17 I haven't used this bag in awhile, but I still deem it as awesome as when I sang its praises last year. HIT
  9. (not pictured) Black stretchy belt (Old Navy): $15 on sale for $6 These belts are the bomb. HIT

TOTAL: $170 ($2 UNDER budget?! Inconceivable!) Especially inconceivable these days when sticking to the budget is a struggle!! LOL

Ok, so last September yielded six hits, one miss, and two mehs (split hit/miss). Not too bad, especially considering the use I've gotten out of the grey cardi alone! I know that I was pretty good about budgeting last fall and really fell off the wagon around the holidays so I am scared to review those purchases! :-/ Do you guys look back at your past buys? Do you think it's worthwhile or just guilt-inducing?

Revisiting the Budget: July and August 2014


Inspired by Kate at A Journey in Style, I thought it would be helpful to look back at the things I've bought over the past year, and see if they were actually good buys. Do I still wear them? Do I even still have them?! Let's find out!

JULY 2014


So July 2014 is a little tough to judge because I was in a walking boot and bought a lot of things strictly to accommodate the boot life. Things like ugly shoes of roughly the same height. And crossbody bags and a lot of leggings. Purchases 5, 6, and 7 are not in the current rotation but were VERY helpful while I was on the IR. As for the rest:

  1. Floral crown headband (Laila Rowe) - $7 Only worn once but hey, it's a floral crown. HIT
  2. Target v-neck tee (2, one not pictured) - $15 I still wear both (the other is a light Tiffany blue) pretty frequently! HIT
  3. Thrifted MNG by Mango skirt (Buffalo Exchange) - $17-$2 gift card = $15 I've only worn it once (seen here!) but it IS gorgeous and under $20 so I'm ok with it HIT
  4. Target leggings - $8 They're annoyingly thin compared to my fave leggings, but I still wear them every now and again. HIT
  5. Payless Champion Solstyce sneakers - $29
  6. Duluth oil cloth sling bag - $54
  7. Crocs Carlie Mary-Janes (Zappos) - $44

Total: $172



Oh boy, August 2014. When one of your best buys is nail polish remover, it's not good! Both H&M pants worked great with my boot, but not so great in my every day life. (And I stopped wearing the boot in mid-August, so, dang.)

  1. Slouchy pants (H&M) - $24 They're super comfy, but I never reach for them! For $24, I'd say this is a MISS
  2. Zoya Remove nail polish remover (Ulta) - $10 Um, it's the best. HIT.
  3. Cobian Flip Flops (Flip Flop Shops) -$32 LOVE THESE! I got them in Cali because they were approx. boot-height, and they have become my go-to flip flops! SO comfy! HIT
  4. Patterned pants (H&M) - $17 Ugh, I wanted to love these, but it didn't happen. I just sent these in a giant ThredUp bag. MISS
  5. Bracelet (Loft) - $6 (on sale) I don't wear it so I guess that makes it a MISS
  6. Wristlet (Target) - $12 While I quickly fell out of love with this guy (it's since been consigned), it showed me how much I dislike the slouchy/cheap-looking faux leather products Target sometimes puts out. And I definitely used it for more than 12 days, so, HIT. (mostly for educational purposes!)
  7. Mason Circle Ring (Baublebar) - $23 (on sale) Again, educational because apparently I am not a size 5 anymore! I love this ring, but it just flies off my hand. Sigh. For $23, that's a MISS

Not pictured: blue cardigan from Loft ($14 on sale) (sent to ThredUp MISS), two rings from an NYC street vendor ($25) (never wear MISS), t-shirt dress from Target ($9 on sale) (still wear pretty frequently! HIT)

Total: $172

So that's a total of 7 Hits and 5 Misses (and a bunch of boot-life-specific stuff). Eek. Definitely something to keep in mind when I get excited to buy an item impulsively! (Not that I'm doing that in Shop-Free August of course.....) How do you feel about critiquing past buys? Do you even bother looking back, or do you find it helpful?