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High Five for Friday: May 6
Atsume lately, the head honcho of them all has been missing: IKE! I had begun to wonder if someone had reunion. I basically stopped in my tracks and went "EEEEEEEEE!!!!" while Ike also froze but looked like the park near my house!! I had to do a quick analysis to confirm that it was indeed Ike and not Tuxedo , "UGH." #squadgoals Ike is a pretty friendly cat, so he did give me a few bumps before continuing Cat, who's sudden presence keeps throwing me off! Ike and I had very different reactions to our
What I Wore Wednesday: Casual cat
cat" has also become a unit of measurement, as in "Sharkey, Chuck, and Ike would weigh 1.5 Casual
High Five for Friday: October 23
nbd. Hi Ike, bye Ike. How to Make a Life is my new favorite blog. Sheryl is so down-to-earth
High Five for Friday: July 8
classy. Over the weekend, I found out that neighborhood celebrity Ike has a new home! We hadn't seen
High Five for Friday: July 28
. 😭😭😭 Pops is real lucky that I didn't come home with this girl and her Ike of a brother! I mean, SHE
High Five for Friday: August 26
MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Ike is much more receptive to me now that he no longer lives on our street
High Five for Friday: October 30
came to ME unprovoked!! (Ok so he only stuck around for like 20 seconds, but still!) <3 <3 Ike flip
High Five for Friday: June 12
understand this pet thing now after all! The giant curmudgeonly wiggle-worm on the right is Ike. I'm not
High Five for Friday: November 4
adorable pin! It's basically Ike, in pin form! Eeee! I need to figure out how to wear these fancy
High Five for Friday: November 27
before I could get a picture. Ike is not going to be pleased with this development! #catdrama
What are your anxiety triggers and tells?
, yoga AND cats, although I'm not sure that Ike would be welcome at yoga. Listening to music. TV as
High Five for Friday: November 6
informed me that black and white cats like Ike are sometimes known as "cow cats" or, even better, "MOO
High Five for Friday: September 4
on Ike, one of our friendly neighborhood "strays." (He clearly has a home, but he's a playa.) He
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