To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: October 20
! First up was a lovely brunch with Deena, my South Philly roommate and Sasha's owner!   Then former
High Five for Friday: October 7
: this precious little angel. She is just the cutest. My friend Deena (Sasha's owner) got a barrage of he replied, "Construction!" HAHA) On the plus side, pros Sasha and Emma (who I knew were dating IRL
High Five for Friday: June 17
adorable. When her mom informed me that Sasha had been scratching her up, I was like, "Not this -Ralphio had me (and Pops!) busting a gut: And finally, one last cat pic. This is my gf Sasha being ultra
High Five for Friday: January 29
bag, Sasha, no one will ever know! :D Her owner, my friend Deena, had brought me back gifts from Disney! The Chip mug is so cute!! And Sasha got a present too: the paper it was wrapped in :) This cute
High Five for Friday: March 18
my friend Deena's adorable kitten Sasha for a few days, and I'm in heaven! B was wondering if I was purring at my feet when my alarm goes off at 6:30 AM. <3 I'M IN HEAVEN. Since I'm watching Sasha, I'm
High Five for Friday: July 28
addition to a lovely reunion with Deena, I was also reunited with Sasha, who was not nearly as excited
High Five for Friday: May 26
Emma because I ❤️ her. And Sasha too.) So, dream scenario! 👌 On the Dr. Dolittle front: We
High Five for Friday: August 12
." !!) On Tuesday, I got to catch up with two wonderful gals, Deena and Sasha! I was super stressed about
High Five for Friday: September 9
much the greatest thing ever: Sasha freaking out over wearing kitten mittens. She had to go in the car
High Five for Friday: January 8
them, shall we? :) First of all, SASHA. She's srsly the cutest. It was really nice to have an
High Five for Friday: May 13
three days before this appointment! My friends Laura and Deena (cat-mom to Sasha!) visited me last
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