To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

I'm Jess and I'm honored to make your day a little brighter!

This is not my beautiful life... How did I get here? 

Most of my life, I thought I was happy. In reality, I went through cycles of meh to misery with happy moments interspersed. I was constantly trying to buy and achieve my way to happiness. FAIL. In March 2013, I finally got help and embarked on an unexpected year of talk therapy, group work, somatic healing, and many, many self-help books. So consider this site a destination for helpful tips to happiness, as well as a scrapbook of my journey. I think it's easy to dismiss self-help speakers/writers as "better" than us, but believe me, it's all a work in progress. xo

Just what is a sparkle punch?

It's a way to find the good in anything. The more we reframe shitty situations in this way, the better. We create so much drama in our own heads, when really, we can take a kernel of glittery good from most everything. The universe is an abundant, loving place. So when life seemingly punches you, imagine an explosion of glitter, the potential for awesomeness rather than pain. Everything truly does happen for a reason.



Every problem is the seed of an opportunity for some greater benefit. Once you have this perception, a whole range of possibilities opens up, and this keeps the wonder and the excitement alive.
— Deepak Chopra