To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

I'm Jess and I'm honored to make your day a little brighter!

This is not my beautiful life... How did I get here? 

Most of my life, I thought I was happy. In reality, I went through cycles of meh to misery with happy moments interspersed. I was (and still am, at times) trying to buy and achieve my way to happiness, which just doesn’t work. In March 2013, I went inpatient for recurrent suicidal thoughts and embarked on an unexpected year of talk therapy, group work, somatic healing, and many, many self-help books. In the years since, I’ve added in exposure therapy and yoga teacher training, while also trying to navigate the ups and downs that come with treating mental health issues (anxiety, depression, and PTSD for me). Those sorts of things don’t have a quick fix, but they need to be discussed openly so that people can get help and not feel quite so alone (as I did when I was suicidal). It is possible to manage these things, although it’s certainly not easy. I’m still figuring it out myself! xo

Just what is a sparkle punch?

It's the good in an otherwise unpleasant situation… like hearing that you finally found your thesis on page 8 of a 20-page, grad school term paper (see below). The more we are able to reframe not-so-great situations in this way, the better. We create so much drama in our own heads, when really, we can take a kernel of glittery good from many situations. The universe is an abundant, loving place, and everything happens for a reason—even if we can’t connect the dots until later.



I should have been upset about all the comments she gave me, but some of them were so nice that it was ok, it was like... a sparkle punch!
— Me, upon getting back a grad school term paper circa 2010