To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

December budget aka buying Christmas presents for myself


As I was out Christmas shopping for friends and family, I found myself invoking the immortal words of Cher Horowitz as she's finding a guy for Tai: "There's no harm in finding one for myself also......" Boy, did I find some cute Christmas gifts for myself also! (Did anyone else have this problem??)

All I can say in my defense is that I had been looking for a lot of these things for awhile (cuff earrings! bow ring! small crossbody!), and they all appeared or went on sale at the same time. Not a great excuse, but it is the truth. I can only work to do better next month/quarter and re-focus on the goal here: curbing my impulse to delight in fleeting material things. Something to be more aware of as I start 2015.

December purchases that I'm definitely keeping:

  1. Medium Dot Pouch (Madewell): $60 sale on sale for $36
  2. Kate Spade bow ring (Buffalo Exchange): $25 on sale for $13 (I need to get it resized as always, but I've been long seeking a bow ring, so I'm psyched.)
  3. Mossimo Wristlet wallet (Target): $15 on sale for $10 + 20% off = $8 + gift card (thanks, Pops!) = $2
  4. Linen curveball tee (Madewell): $58 sale on sale for $21
  5. Mossimo scoopneck pullover sweater (Target): $18 on sale for $12
  6. Pave front-back earrings (Loft): $20 on sale for $12 (I can't find these on Loft's site for some reason.)
  7. Merona Mini Satchel (Target): $34 on sale for $24 + 20% off = $19 + gift card = $0
  8. Knotted belt (Loft): $40 on sale for $24 (I feel like this is the equivalent of the Target blanket scarf haha. I've seen it on so many bloggers that I've fallen in love with it too!)
  9. Crystal cuff earrings (Loft): $25 on sale for $15

Not pictured:

  • Bobbi Brown Beach rollerball (Sephora): $25 - $25 gift card (thanks, Kristin!) = $0
  • Hurraw Moon Balm (Amazon): $6
  • Hurraw Black Cherry lip tint (American Apparel) (the only thing I've ever bought at AA because I am scared of it/don't have a need for neon thigh-high leg warmers): $4
  • Leg warmers (H&M): $12 on sale for $3 (Perhaps I shouldn't have been casting aspersions on American Apparel... Don't worry, I plan to use these leg warmers like boot socks with my super skinny jeans!)
  • Squiggle ring set (H&M): $3
  • Moto sweater (Buffalo Exchange): $23
  • Merona Gail ankle-strap pumps (Target): $30 on sale for $21

Total: $195

Total saved: $206 Way to go, Shopping Genius! You saved more than you spent! (LOL)

ACK. I was supposed to only spend $94 this month, not my usual monthly budget of $170! At least I saved quite a bit and (mostly) bought things I'd been eyeing for awhile. 

Favorite purchase: Hmm, probably the Madewell linen curveball tee, which I got in exchange for their slub V-neck tee that had so disappointed me last month! Started from the bottom, Madewell, and now you're here. The sales girl, who told me that she has the linen curveball tee and wears it all the time, did not lie--I've srsly worn this shirt five times already.

Most disappointing purchase: Possibly the Madewell pouch. I loved it in store, but in practice, not so much. I still love the soft leather, the color scheme, and the built-in card slots, but it's just so big, and I really love a wallet with a wristlet strap (which this pouch doesn't have and I thought I could live without). I'm very conflicted.

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I treated myself to a few treats specifically for Christmas, which I am not counting in my budget because Christmas is the very rare occasion that I get to dress up! (I'm so fancy, you already know.) I don't love Christmas, but it was pretty great this year. Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season! xo



  1. Dress (H&M) (I just bought this and can't for the life of me find it on H&M's site.)
  2. Rose gold sparkly bow necklace: Christmas gift from the bf, with no input from me! He's a good one :)
  3. Madden Girl heeled booties (DSW sale rack 2012)
  4. Nails (Ulta, Ginger + Liz "Is it Friday yet?")
  5. Two-Faced La Crème lipstick (Ulta)