To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

Hello, HELLO!

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"I should have been upset about all the comments she gave me, but some of them were so nice that it was ok, it was like.... a sparkle punch!" -Me, upon getting back a grad school term paper circa 2010


What's up, I'm Jess and welcome to my little slice of happiness. I've been doing some srs therapy over the past year, and in my quest to shed my anxious and depressive defaults, I realize that I made a shockingly wise assessment in my post-finals delirium four years ago: taking more sparkle than punch from a not-great situation is the way to go.

I'm a perfectionistic perpetual motion machine, so even though I espoused the italicized statement above, I definitely had/have trouble living it. I think most people do. But my mood is certainly much better when I'm able to think positively and let things go. I always used to roll my eyes at self-help stuff and scoff at the thought that people could change in any meaningful way. Now that I've done a complete 180 and my life is so much better for it, I have totally drunk the (likely lavender-infused chai) Kool-Aid. That is not to say that I'm "all better" (LOL); there is always more to explore. I have just learned so much in the past year and would love to share it, as well as keep myself moving forward on this journey out of hiding behind anxiety. (Starting this blog is so freaking far out of my comfort zone that I'm just shy of breathing into a paper bag as I type this!) Feeling happier and healthier really isn't as impossible as it can seem, and I need that reminder as much as anyone.

Life is too short to be stuck someplace you don't want to be.  xo