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July budget

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Fashion and shopping make me deliriously happy. The only problem is that a.) shopping is not the healthiest coping skill and b.) I don’t want to be repaying my student loans until I look like the grandma emoji. Plus, I absolutely loved Ruth Soukup's post about taking her kids toys away so that they can more easily be present, rather than focusing on what they don't have, or getting distracted by all that they do have. As someone who struggles to be in the present moment, I'm trying to shed some stuff and the distractions that come with it.

To help me in this pursuit, I've taken up Fran's ingenious monthly shopping budget idea. I calculated what 7% of my monthly income is ($170) and then set that aside (and ONLY that!!) for clothing, accessory, and Ulta/Sephora product purchases. That number seemed astronomical when I first set the budget, but I went $2 over (whoops!). Here's what I got:

  1. Floral crown headband (Laila Rowe) - $7
  2. Target v-neck tee (2, one not pictured) - $15
  3. Thrifted MNG by Mango skirt (Buffalo Exchange) - $17-$2 gift card = $15
  4. Target leggings - $8
  5. Payless Champion Solstyce sneakers - $29
  6. Duluth oil cloth sling bag - $54
  7. Crocs Carlie Mary-Janes (Zappos) - $44

Total: $172

I was actually somewhat responsible with my July purchases. Both pairs of shoes are about the same height as my walking boot, and I really needed that boost in order to walk more demurely than, say, Frankenstein. The bag is very lightweight and frees up my hands for holding onto railings. Plus, it can hold quite a bit in its million pockets and compartments, woo organization! And the midi skirt and floral crown were both pieces I'd been searching for but hadn't quite found the reasonably priced "one." I spotted the skirt on a mannequin the second I stepped into Buffalo Exchange and it was love at first sight, even though I had to ask one of the workers to get it down for me (asking for help, ack).

I'm not the best at sticking to self-imposed guidelines, but approaching my budget actually did stop me from some stupid impulse buys and force me to think about if I really like/need what I'm about to purchase. So, success!!