To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

August budget


How the hell is it already September?! Where did the summer go? I think I missed it in between traveling to NYC and Cali, seeing Paul McCartney live (!!), being in a boot for six weeks, going to Disneyland, turning 28, moving... 

I'm exhausted just thinking about all that, oy, ANYWAY, here is what $170 bought me in August:

  1. Slouchy pants (H&M) - $24
  2. Zoya Remove nail polish remover (Ulta) - $10
  3. Cobian Flip Flops (Flip Flop Shops) -$32
  4. Patterned pants (H&M) - $17
  5. Bracelet (Loft) - $6 (on sale)
  6. Wristlet (Target) - $12
  7. Mason Circle Ring (Baublebar) - $23 (on sale)

Not pictured: blue cardigan from Loft ($14 on sale), two rings from an NYC street vendor ($25), t-shirt dress from Target ($9 on sale)

Total: $172

For once, not being able to do math worked to my advantage and kept me from buying things because I thought I was way overbudget! Woo!

So this month, I went crazy with comfy pants because I was sick of only wearing leggings or shorts with the boot. The flip flops are super comfy and were also boot-height. The wristlet replaces my beloved multi-colored chevron one (also from Target) that lip gloss had leaked on (whoops). And the jewelry was just 'cause :D