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May 2017 budget


Sometimes, my anxiety gets channeled into a shopping quest, and this month, it clearly went into make-up and skincare!

  1. Sephora Collection Total Perfection Sponge: $12 - 10% off Beauty Insider sale = $11 (whoop de doo! lol)
  2. Glossier Phase 1 Set (includes Balm Dot Com, Milky Jelly Cleanser, and Priming Moisturizer): $45
  3. Sephora Collection Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation: $28
  4. First Aid Beauty Hello FAB Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer (Sephora): $28
  5. Travel-size Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer (Sephora): $13

Not pictured:

  1. LipSense Glossy Gloss: $24
  2. LipSense Lip Gloss in Icicle: $24
  3. Grey's Anatomy sweatshirt (Etsy): $43 (includes shipping, which was more than I'd anticipated!)

TOTAL: $216

WOW. That's the most money I've spent in one month in a looong time. Since December 2015, in fact! Yikes. I do have some ideas for reining in my spending in June, which I'll elaborate on in my next goals post.)

The most unexciting purchase is the Glossy Gloss, which I had run out of. I don't think I've ever used a whole tube of lip gloss in my life, so my love affair with LipSense is real. ❤️  And I picked up the clear shade Icicle to layer with the two nude colors I have (First Love and Bombshell) and make them even more nude! 😂

I never thought I would feel so passionate about a make-up sponge, but I am completely in love with the Sephora sponge! I've never tried a Beauty Blender, but reviewers on said that the Sephora sponge is similar and a cheaper alternative. (As freewheeling as I was with money this month, I'm still not prepared to spend $20 on a sponge!) The Sephora sponge is really soft and has worked great with every product I've tried it with so far. 

As for the Glossier set, I was intrigued when Fran raved about the Milky Jelly Cleanser and Balm Dot Com, and those are my faves from the set! (Also, I'm pretty sure everything in the set is full-size, which was a pleasant surprise.) The cleanser is sort of thick and feels really nice on the skin. I've been using it both in the morning and at night, and it hasn't bothered my skin at all! The Balm Dot Com is thick too and kind of melts into your lips, so it stays on for a long time--which is perfect for me since I tend to bite my lips if my lip products wear off. I've only tried the primer a few times and am meh about it.

I just bought the Sephora foundation, First Aid primer/moisturizer, and Nars concealer last Friday, so I haven't had much time to try them out, but I really like them so far! I forgot that Sephora has all of those fancy tools to analyze your skin tone and match products to it, and I think they really helped. (Who knew that I have a pink undertone?) Anyway, I was blown away by the foundation the first time I used it--I kept staring at myself in the mirror in shock that my skin looked that good! Now, I had actually ordered the Urban Decay Naked Concealer and Subversion Eyelash Primer from Sephora online (along with the sponge), but I wound up returning both of them in favor of the Sephora Foundation, Nars concealer (a better match for my skin tone), First Aid primer/moisturizer. (Despite my initial love affair with the Subversion Eyelash Primer, it got gloopy really fast, womp.)

And if you've been to this blog before, then you know that I love Grey's! This is a purchase I'd been contemplating for awhile (seriously almost a year!), and because I lost my mind this month, I went for it. 💸💸  I explained a little more about why I was drawn to it here.

In the poorhouse. That's where they might end up.

In the poorhouse. That's where they might end up.

What did you get this month? 

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