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August 2019 Budget


I was still on a shopping kick this month, but I did a bit better than July at least! (Thank you, birthday gift cards!) I’ve also been working on my mindset some more. This month, I tried to embrace the idea that I’m good with money. Yes, my bank account doesn’t bear that out at the moment, but telling myself that I’m good with money helped me to not spend at times because overspending is just not something that I would do if I were actually good with money, you know? On the other hand, telling myself that I’m bad with money just makes me more apt to throw up my hands and spend—like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I’d heard of mindset shifts like this before, but I always rolled my eyes at them because, well, I’d be telling myself something that’s not actually true—at least not currently. But since thinking this way does seem to be helping, I’m going to stick with it for now!

With no further adieu, let’s see what I got in August:

  1. Fydelity Ultra-Slim Fanny Pack in Metallic Rose Gold (Ocean City Surf Mall): $18 (talked about here)

  2. Ultrabland Facial Cleanser (Lush): $30

  3. So Yoga Leggings (Kohl’s): $30 on sale for $11

  4. Pink Mini Backpack (Amazon): $28

  5. Half Moon Ring (Etsy): $39 on sale for $33

Not pictured:

  1. Bowie Foil Rainbow Foil Crop Sweatshirt (Hot Topic, sold out): $39 on sale for $18

  2. Cruz Accessories Howlite Necklace (Ocean City Surf Mall): $9

  3. So Lounge Life Hoodie (Kohl’s): $40 on sale for $30 - coupon = $22

  4. Let the Good Times Roll Face and Body Cleanser (Lush): $13

  5. Dream Cream Hand and Body Lotion (Lush): $8

  6. Rose Lollipop Lip Balm (Lush): $11

  7. Ombre Ribbed Leggings (Primark): $14

  8. Gradient Leggings (Primark): $13 on sale for $5 (talked about here)

  9. Two bracelets: $11

  10. Yuni Beauty Carry Om rollerball (Ulta): $14

  11. Cat & Jack yoga tee (Target): on sale for $5 - gift card = $0

  12. Art Class High Neck Tank (Target): $10 on sale for $7

  13. Positivity Page “You deserve the whole universe” wristband (Etsy): $5 - gift card = $0

  14. Positivity Page “Anxiety passes” wristband (Etsy): $5 - gift card = $0

  15. Collsants Small Nylon Backpack (Amazon): $22 - gift card and points = $0

  16. Wild Fable Short-Sleeve V-Neck Button-Front Romper (Target): $25 on sale for $17 - gift card = $0

  17. Travel Scarf by Waypoint Goods (Amazon): $40 - gift card and points = $0

  18. Cynthia Rybakoff Skinny Square Band in rose gold (Artist & Fleas Chelsea): $18

TOTAL: $270

While I’m not thrilled with that total, I’m relieved to see that I spent less than last month, WHEW! And actually, I bought the Bowie Hoodie and So items in July but wanted to make sure I wasn’t returning them (or using them for #SparklePunchMusicMonth) before including them in my budget post.

When I got the So hoodie, I loved the color and envisioned it for one of my Stay Home Club patches, but I wasn’t thrilled with the tunic length. Luckily, Timmi is a sewing wizard and altered it to my liking! (She only had to rip out the pocket and then crop it nbd.)



It’s slouchy and soft and cozy and PURPLE, so naturally it got my favorite of the patches: Indoor Cat!

The So leggings are sooo thick and comfy AND they have pockets!! LOVE THEM and want like five more pairs!

I got on a bit of a backpack kick this month! The nylon one is more athleisurey, but they both look way more expensive than they were! Also, despite being “mini,” both backpacks have a million sections/pockets, including secret pockets in the back!

How gorge is the Half Moon Ring? I love the geometric shape and how it’s a subtle nod to the moon. I actually got it as my birthday gift to myself and set it aside (miraculously!) till the big day! Now I just have to figure out which finger to wear it on… #RingLoverProbs The rose gold square ring from Cynthia Rybakoff compliments it so well and was a lovely find in NYC on my actual b-day. Cannot resist a geometric rose gold ring apparently!

Sooo a few weekends ago, I stumbled onto the fact that I fit into XL clothes in the little girls’ section of Target. Is this a dream or a nightmare, I’m not sure! (Especially since people regularly think I’m still in high school!) The Art Class tank is super soft and I love the blush color! And how cute is this yoga tee?!


If you have questions about anything I didn’t specifically talk about, lemme know! I was just trying to keep this post from becoming a full-on triple-decker novel! 😂

What did you buy this month?