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A day in the life (vol. 2)


I've been wanting to do another Day in the Life post for awhile, but I couldn't remember how long it had been since I did it last year. Turns out I'd chronicled October 6, 2015--how convenient! So here's what the same date looks like one year later:


Good morning! Now that I'm driving, I can sleep in past 6:50--what a luxury! And on this particular day, I actually woke up when my alarm went off, instead of snoozing it five times! Here is my view upon awakening, including a Snuffles nose in my face (lol) and my white board (complete with my October goals and my 2015 spending total eek!).


Since it's Thursday, I worked on my H54F post for a little bit before getting ready for work.

All drugstore products, except for the Hera cushion compact (LOVE), which is from  Memebox .

All drugstore products, except for the Hera cushion compact (LOVE), which is from Memebox.

Remember the "Five-Minute Face" from What Not to Wear? That is definitely my philosophy towards makeup, haha! Concealer, eyeliner, mascara, and foundation--that's about all I can tolerate doing on a regular basis! 

Old Navy tulip-back sweater (2015) | Gap Legging Jean (2014) |  Sketchers Go-Step Sneakers  (2016)

Old Navy tulip-back sweater (2015) | Gap Legging Jean (2014) | Sketchers Go-Step Sneakers (2016)

What "Day in the Life" post would be complete without an OOTD?! (And yes, I committed to the Sketchers I got at DSW!)

While I keep next to nothing in my car, note the hand sanitizer and mala beads ha!

While I keep next to nothing in my car, note the hand sanitizer and mala beads ha!

This is why I get home from work so late: something always happens the minute I try to leave. On this particular day, Pops (who was heading out at the same time as me) and I bumped into our neighbor, and you know that's never a quick chat!

Cats and flowers. Yep, this must be mine!

Cats and flowers. Yep, this must be mine!

Hello work desk! I feel like not much has changed here since last year, except for the addition of a Sadness Tsum Tsum. :) And you know you're an editor when your Post-Its say things like "curly apostrophe"!


My current Bullet Journal-esque planner set-up. Complete with a breakdown of things to include in my H54F post and also notes of things to ask about in therapy next week!


I wrote 49 grammar questions at work today! Woo! #nerdalert

🎶I know that things can really get rough when you go it alone🎶  #OneTickettoFarhamptonPlease

🎶I know that things can really get rough when you go it alone🎶 #OneTickettoFarhamptonPlease

Heading home... with some music from HIMYM. <3 I'm so sad that it's dark out when I leave work now, wahhh. I used to be treated to some gorgeous sunsets!


Finishing up my H54F post with Bailey and Ben while my dinner heats up. I haven't seen Grey's seasons 11 or 12 yet, but why not watch 13 in real time? Makes perfect sense!


Time to ice my foot after doing my foot exercises (hence the yoga mat and ball in the background!). Meanwhile, Pops is totally engrossed in the Million Dollar Listing season premiere. (Josh Flagg and Colton 😢)

Current face wash/make-up remover routine. I used to love Sens'Eyes, but I'm kind of over it now. In fact, I started using The Body Shop's Chamomile eye make-up remover the next day and am liking that way more!


Bedtime rituals: diffusing essential oils, getting some white noise going, and cueing up a Grey's rerun. (I had been watching season 8, but I got to up to "Flight" and was like AW HELL NO I'M NOT GOING THROUGH THAT AGAIN, so I'm back to season 7 lol.)


What a difference a year makes! Last year, my day was basically running between modes of public transportation, with some work and therapy in between. It's wild to think of how much freedom having a car has given me in terms of structuring my workday. (My office has no set hours, so I've basically been working 11-7 these days. But pre-car, I had to work 8:30-4:30 in order to make all of my Septa connections. That may sound normal, but it meant getting up at 5:50 to catch bus #1 at 6:25. And I am not a morning person.) These changes just kind of sneak up on you, so it's good to stop and reflect on how far you've come sometimes. <3 

Linking up with Mattie for Weekly Lessons, finally! 

Day in the life


I've always loved Fran's "Day in the life" posts, so when Cassie did a great one recently, I was like, "That's it, I'm doing one!" It's so cool to see how the people you read about actually live their day-to-day lives. However, a "normal" day for me is apparently pretty boring, unless you're a public transportation enthusiast! (Then you will LOVE it.) :D

Here's how I spent last Tuesday:


I actually stayed over at B's the night before, so I get to sleep in a half hour later than usual! Here is my every day makeup, aka the only things I can be bothered to put on so that I don't look like a zombie.


Wake up Philadelphia! B lives just past Center City, so now I have to back track a few el stops to get the train.


Jefferson/Market East is the best. The skylights, the lack of crazy commuters, it's really a train station dream come true. I manage to snag a coveted bench seat by the track, and I play on my phone until the train comes.


After snoozing on my train ride, it's nice to see the sun peeking through the trees as I wait for the bus (my final public transportation of the morning! *confetti horn emoji*).


Here is my desk! I'm an editor for a website, and this is my set-up at the moment. I have access to both a PC and a Mac so that I can test a bazillion apps on both platforms. However, I'm constantly using the wrong the keyboard or mouse and getting that nice *clank* sound from the Mac. Oy.


I recently got this Blogilates water bottle (I think I heard about it through somebody's H54F post, but now I don't remember who--rats!), and it is AWESOME since I never drink enough water. Also, note that I don't have framed pictures of friends and family on my desk, but rather flowers. LOL


I have therapy on Tuesday nights ("Tuesday night! Therapy night!" ala Mac and Dennis' movie night in It's Always Sunny), and I get an idea for something to talk about, so I whip out my journal so I can jot it down and bring it up in session.

Top: Thrifted (F21) | Pants:  Old Navy  | Necklace: Loft (old) | Watch:  Target  | Nails: Revlon, "Cardshark"

Top: Thrifted (F21) | Pants: Old Navy | Necklace: Loft (old) | Watch: Target | Nails: Revlon, "Cardshark"

Today's outfit! I really struggled to get a decent picture of it (obviously). Btw these pants are awesome. They're basically leggings masquerading as pants in a great berry color <3.


I duck into the empty back office because I have to call my insurance company. As you can see, the weirdest things have collected in here!


I'm done work for the day, so I head to the bus stop (aka death trap) near work. Today, I'll take the bus all the way to the end of the line because the train home has been unpredictable, and I don't want to be late to therapy. Luckily, I am an accomplished Septa sleeper and get some zzz on the way.


Now back on the el, with my journal in hand so I can skim over the past week's entries and have them fresh in my mind for therapy. My Tuesday therapy sessions of late include processing of my EMDR sessions, so I'm struggling a bit to keep everything straight! #allthetherapy


Hello, City Hall Station! I have two minutes to sprint like four blocks. Get outta the way, lollygaggers!


The sun may never set on the empire, but it does set on Billy Penn. Back on the el to get out to the 'burbs, post-therapy.


So now that you see how much time I spend on Septa in a day, perhaps exposure therapy for driving makes more sense LOL! I try to make the most of my train/bus/el rides, at least. But it's hard when every chapter is Ned, Jon, or Bran ughhhh.


Last Septa of the day: the high speed line out to (almost) my neighborhood. EVERYBODY DANCE NOW.


Yay, fun mail is waiting for me at home! It's the two Chloe + Isabel necklaces I bought last month, complete with a sweet note from my friend (and C+I merchandiser extraordinaire) Jess! <3


After I have a quick dinner, Pops and I settle in to catch up on Dancing with the Stars, since I wasn't home on Monday night. In this particular episode, judge Bruno Tonioli reveals that he got his big break dancing in Elton John's "I'm Still Standing" video. WHAT THE WHAT. Basically, he leaps about in a leotard and leg warmers and gets sprinkled with glitter by a pith-helmet-wearing Elton John. HIGHLIGHT OF MY DAY. I love Elton John, I love the 80s, and there are few things more '80s than this video. It is MAGIC (and also something you can't unsee, fair warning).


Why not end on that high note?! I must say, I picked a Tuesday to show that you can fit therapy into even the most asinine of schedules (and my commute is pretty comically awful right now!). So that's a fairly typical day in my life. Thanks for reading! :)