To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: October 7


I thought it was going to be hard to come up with five things for this week, but it turned out to be super easy! I guess the sparkle is always there, just waiting for us to see it. :) 

  • Exhibit A: this precious little angel. She is just the cutest. My friend Deena (Sasha's owner) got a barrage of heart emojis in response to this pic, haha! 
Apparently, a pumpkin costume is way more tolerable than  kitten mittens ! Who knew?

Apparently, a pumpkin costume is way more tolerable than kitten mittens! Who knew?

  • I've been wanting to get some black and/or grey sneakers that look cute (or at least not dumb!) with jeans, so on Sunday, I ventured out to DSW. I've never had any luck with Sketchers (they tend to be pretty wide, and I have super-narrow feet) until now! No frills, no crazy colors or design, a streamlined look... basically, exactly what I wanted! AND they were in the sale section! But I knew the true test would be if I could drive in them pain-free, since driving still bothers my injured foot. So I immediately tried on the right shoe in the car for my ride home! I was like, "If I get pulled over, they're going to think I'm insane!" LOL


  • After DSW, I stopped at Old Navy for socks. Seriously. I got a pack of their socks on a whim back in the spring, and I LOVE THEM! Like, I'm disappointed when all five pairs are dirty and I have to wear other socks! So I added a few more pairs to my collection! (Clearly, it doesn't take much to excite me! 😂)
Hedgehogs!! I guess they're this week's contribution to Exotic Animal Watch! 

Hedgehogs!! I guess they're this week's contribution to Exotic Animal Watch! 

  • I tend to be pretty antisocial, so I'm always pleasantly surprised at how much fun I can have with other people, even just virtually! Tif, one of the lovely ladies who hosts the H54F link-up each week, had an online LipSense party on Facebook on Tuesday night, and it was super fun to chat with her and fellow bloggers Becky (who sells LipSense) and Della! With their help, I picked out Bombshell, which seems like a great "my lips but better" shade. (I'm a neutral lip color gal all the way!) I tend to have dry lips (and I bite my lips a lot eek), so I'm hoping the long-lasting and super-moisturizing nature of LipSense will help me out!


  • Was anyone else super bummed that Vanilla Ice got eliminated on DWTS this week?! He was just so positive and happy to be there, not to mention a pretty good dancer! Stodgy old Len Goodman calling him "Vanilla" in his Brit accent was everything I didn't know I needed my life. (Another great moment was when Erin Andrews asked Vanilla Ice what he knew [about DTWS] before being on the show, and he replied, "Construction!" HAHA)  

On the plus side, pros Sasha and Emma (who I knew were dating IRL) got engaged during Tuesday's show, which was pretty darn cute. Public engagements usually make me uncomfortable, but those two seem pretty chill and adorable, so I'll allow it. Plus HOLY MOLY her engagement ring! It's purple! GIRL. I knew I liked you for a reason! 😍


 Here's to a great weekend! xo