To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

In the Now: October 2014


Loving: Fall, which is weird because I am so not a fall person. I love long summer days and warm sunshine and spring flowers. I hate pumpkin things and Halloween and wet leaves (curse you, slippery rail season!!). But this year, the coziness of fall and its beautiful foliage have drawn me in. I even went on a hayride and roasted marshmallows! WHO AM I?! 

Reading: I do try to hide the cover of this one on the train, but I'm loving it. Srsly. Purple underlining everywhere. Women Who Love Too Much was a recommendation of my amazing therapist, and she did not lead me astray.  Like Silently Seduced, WWLTM goes far beyond its dramalicious title and spells out subtle but debilitating issues caused by family dysfunction--which, Norwood argues, is most greatly impacted by SECRECY:  "It is the degree of secrecy--the inability to talk about the problems--rather than their severity, that defines both how dysfunctional a family becomes and how severely its members are damaged" (6-7).  WHAT? Mind=blown. There is some serious food for thought in this book, which has also been a pretty quick read so far. 

Working on: Purge-tober. I have a ridiculous amount of stuff, and I can't ignore it, now that I'm back home in the land of few shelves and closets. The fact that my dad and I have been working on Ruth Soukup's clutter challenge has also forced me to get real on my wardrobe. (I'm good at regularly parting with stuff I've lost interest in, but I cling to pretty things, even if I can't remember the last time I wore them.) So far, I've taken about 8 bags to the consignment shops, and the leftovers are destined to be donated. I tend to get very emotionally attached to things, so it feels really good to give some of them the heave ho. "Let go of all that isn't serving you," right? :)

Happy October! What are you guys into this month?