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That is the question

October budget

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Compared to Octobers past (with their Russian raves and thesis cramming and natural disasters), October 2014 was fairly tame. And yet it was still jam-packed with a wedding, three birthdays, a hayride, a mani-pedi date with a great friend, countless hours commuting, massive house cleaning, AND finally embracing the sock bun (why didn't I try it sooner?!) 

I'm embarrassed to say that October's budget went right out the window, and there was even some retail therapy involved. Sigh. I'm really trying to get away from using shopping to brighten my day buuuut I couldn't help myself after getting two shots and having blood drawn at my physical (something I usually worm my way out of every year). Bravery warrants sparkles, right??

Clockwise from top right:

  1. Medina amethyst stackable rings (Chloe and Isabel) - $42
  2. Opal earrings for sensitive ears (Etsy) - $16
  3. Be Mine mismatched studs (Chloe and Isabel) - $35
  4. Ugg moccasins (Greene Street) - $44
  5. Kitty's Ring (JewelMint x Erin Fetherstone) - $30
  6. Lace underlay cardigan (Target) - $22 on sale for $11
  7. (not pictured) OPI Glitter Off peelable base coat - $9
  8. (not pictured) Supergoop lip balm - $8

Oh, and my feel better purchases ($24 and $7 respectively, woo BOGO 50% off at Francesca's!):

Total: $226 ($56 over budget?! ack)

So this was the month of jewelry apparently. The Chloe and Isabel purchases were part of a fundraiser for a friend's upcoming service trip, so that was money well spent. The mismatched studs are prob my fave purchase of the month because they're just so cool. And because I never ever buy earrings (so to pick up two pairs in one month is like WHOA.) The most disappointing item in October? The Supergoop lip balm. I'd seen rave reviews, but it tastes/smells super sunscreeny bleh.


With all the exciting jewelry purchases, I even dusted off the ol' DSLR to attempt some unboxing shots :)