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Playing dress up

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Over the past few months, I've really begun to see how fashion can fall under the heading of "self-help," or at least self-care. I mean, when I actually make an effort to put an outfit together and do my makeup and wear clothes that I feel confident in, it usually makes for a happier day. When I was super depressed in 2013, I did not give two shits about how I looked and pretty much wore a uniform of jeans, a hoodie, combat boots, no make-up, and bitch face to work every day. Yeah, not a great look, and certainly not one that made me feel good about myself and my life. These days, I'm feeling much better on the inside and so I try to make sure the outside reflects that, keeping up the feel good-look good cycle.

My job, however, has basically no dress code (obv, considering my depression attire!), so as extra encouragement to not just throw on the first thing I see when I wake up, I've started taking pictures of my outfits, shoes, accessories, etc. Just because my job doesn't need me to look all cute and pulled together doesn't mean I can't do it myself! And I love a good creative outlet, so the photography aspect of this has been pretty fun too. :) Here are a few examples of how it's been going:


Outfit #1:


  • Merona sweater (2014) (exact)
  • Gap Legging Skimmer jeans (2014) (exact)
  • Nine West boots (2011) (similar)
  • DIY necklace with a pendant from a consignment store (2011)
  • Nails: Essie Where's My Chauffeur? (from my work Secret Santa 2012!)


Outfit #2:

Magic hour ain't no joke!

Magic hour ain't no joke!


I must say, this exercise of documenting when I purchased the things that I wear has been pretty comforting: I'm not buying everything in sight! I'm still wearing things I've had for a long time! Wooo hooo!