To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

September budget


Since starting this whole budget thing, I've noticed that impulse buys are a real problem for me. Shopping has long been one of my favorite pick-me-ups... not to mention a great distraction from the usual hum of anxiety and guilt in my head. I'm not cured of retail therapy just yet, but I have gotten better at filling holes in my closet, instead of just buying every cute dress, ring, and/or purple shirt I see. (Even though I still LOVE THEM ALL.) I am proud to say that most of the items purchased in September were things I'd been looking for, not just things I fell in love with in the moment. (I did manage to wait a few weeks to buy the nail polish below, which is miraculous for me! And the flats were an emergency purchase when the my foot started hurting for the first time in weeks while I was staying with my bf. We fashioned a makeshift splint but then my foot wouldn't fit in the shoes I had with me OY.)

I'm also impressed that I only paid full-price for one thing (besides the flats)! High six!

  1. Grey cardigan (Old Navy): $20 - 20% off = $16
  2. Handmade scarf (Knack Philadelphia): $27
  3. Sam & Libby ballet flats (Target): $30
  4. Gap Legging Jean Skimmer: $50 - 40% off = $30
  5. Zoya Magical Pixie Dust in Ginni (Ulta): $10 - $5 off bday coupon (woohoo!) = $5
  6. Floral backpack (Payless): $35 - $5 off = $30
  7. Blue polka dot infinity scarf (Old Navy): $13 - 30% off = $9
  8. (not pictured) Gray hobo whose virtues I've already extolled (Target): $35 on sale for $17
  9. (not pictured) Black stretchy belt (Old Navy): $15 on sale for $6 

TOTAL: $170 ($2 UNDER budget?! Inconceivable!)

Not too shabby considering I totally thought I went over this month! I did just get back from Disney World, so maybe that's why I feel like money was just flying out of my wallet :) 

(Sidenote: I don't count vacation clothing or accessory purchases towards my monthly shopping budget UNLESS they are from a store that I could easily visit at home, like Loft or Target. My goal with the budget is to get into the habit of thinking twice before everyday impulse buys, so I don't want it to become a license to beat myself up over buying, say, a sparkly Minnie Mouse bow headband and an Epcot t-shirt in Disney World. On vacation, YOLO. At home, yo save-o.)