To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

In the Now: January 2015


Loving: This little Reptar-esque companion. He's so cute and squishy and fun! Just looking at him brightens my day, AND it's nice to have something tactile to play with as I dig my way through work e-mails. Best $.99 I could have spent at Target! (I can't seem to find him on their website, but in store, I spotted him in an endcap in the toy section, along with ladybugs and some other squishable animals.)

Intrigued by: The idea of a capsule collection. I've been following along with Katie's fall capsule over at Style on Target, and I'm curious if I could handle limiting my wardrobe like that (maybe for only two months though!). I srsly need a reason to stop buying winter clothes, as well as motivation to go through my winter closet and part with things I'm not wearing and/or not excited about. I'm also pretty good at doing daily creative projects with a deadline, so I think I could get into this capsule thing. I've done Project 365 (twice!) and 100 Happy Days, so I'm curious if a capsule would be equally fun and creatively challenging. It's not like there's much to get excited about in the dead of winter anyway, besides not falling on ice and not getting hypothermia!


Listening to: 70s funk. I've long loved Kool and the Gang, so I have no idea why I didn't already own these songs. (In case you were wondering, I can hit that note on "and be a bad piano-playing maaaaaaan" in "Hollywood Swinging." *sassy Z snap*) Oh and the drumming on "Lady Marmalade" is so perfect, "you could set your watch to that cat!" (as Pops would say). And don't even get me started on "Car Wash." It's really been a struggle to NOT start dancing in my seat while listening to these jams on the train.