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February 2015 budget


I'm so over winter, you guys. I need sun! I need warmth! I'm basically a wilted flower at this point--I almost forgot to do this post! My anxious brain has been quick to jump in and sabotage my plans lately, and I've been too wilted to tell it to fuck off. At least until now!

Surprisingly, my budget did not take a huge hit from all of these feels. Aside from a Sephora blow-out, I did not shop away my emotions. And I only bought ONE accessory and NO clothing this month!!! I am so proud of myself (and genuinely shocked) that I stuck to those parameters, especially considering previous months' purchases! I did, however, sign up for a few subscription boxes. (I have a love-hate relationship with them typically. I get all excited about them and then pause my subscription after like two months lol.) I signed up for Rocksbox with Style on Target's code for a free month (woo-hoo!), Birchbox (how have I not tried this yet??), and Fabletics (mainly because it was 50% off and I'm looking for a comfy pair of leggings for yoga)! I'm sooo curious to see how these boxes turn out and am currently stalking my tracking info. There may be a review post in the future...

I was also supposed to try the envelope system this month, and I must admit, I didn't stick to it. There's just so many things that are easier to pay online that cash is really not super realistic for ALL of my spending. But trying to budget with the envelope system did get me using again, which has been VERY helpful (and eye-opening).

Ok, so here are this month's purchases. It's pretty much all shoes and Sephora :) :



  1. Dior Addict Lip Glow (HUGE splurge, but I'd been curious about it for awhile, and after testing it at Sephora and feeling its luxuriousness, I couldn't resist!): $33 (Sephora)
  2. Nike Match Supreme polka dot sneakers (I saw these on the Nordstrom Rack Instagram and basically became the heart-eyes emoji): $70 on sale for $55 - $25 gift card = $30
  3. Hinge Sheldon boots (which I had liked online about a month ago and then accidentally found in the Nordstrom Rack clearance section!): $150 on sale for $55
  4. North Face Thermoball bootie (basically a replacement for Blowfish boots that I wore into the ground and had to toss last fall): $80 - $75 coupon from my Sorel debacle = $5!!!! (Zappos)

Not pictured:

  1. Josie Maran Infinity creamy oil: $28 (Sephora)
  2. Josie Maran exfoliating cleansing powder: $40 (Sephora)
  3. Merona scarf (I mistakenly thought it was this season's B/W blanket scarf, but I'm prob better off with a normal-length scarf cuz those are way easier to style! You can see it in the 2/26 outfit below): $5 (Ebay)

Total: $196

Remaining in quarterly budget: $161 (Can I really stick to that for TWO MONTHS?! We shall see!)

Favorite purchase: Hmm, probably the North Face boots, because they keep my feet dry, are ridiculously light-weight, and look like normal, somewhat cute booties, not big ol' clunky snowboots!

Least favorite purchase: Possibly the Dior lip balm, just because it was such a splurge!!

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And here are my outfits from the past two weeks! Like I said, it was not a great time with the ol' anxiety/depression, so no elaborate post outfit post here, although I did note where you can find exact pieces that are still available! (I'm kind of thrilled that so many of these outfits included older purchases!)