To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: June 26


Here are a smattering of things that put some sparkle in my week!

  • On Father's Day, I took Pops to see Love and Mercy because he loves Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys. Conveniently, I love Pet Sounds, and picking apart songs in general, so the scenes where young Brian (Paul Dano) is working with the studio musicians totally fascinated me. And there were some great moments in there for Pet Sounds nuts, like when the musicians are bringing in a drum and Brian beats out the intro to "I'm Waiting for the Day," and when Brian plucks the piano strings with bobby pins for "You Still Believe in Me"--I may have fangirled a bit :)
This evolution of this song was covered too, and I've basically had it on repeat ever since! 

This evolution of this song was covered too, and I've basically had it on repeat ever since! 

  • Last weekend, the bf and I got totally sucked into Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. (Personally, I'm going to blame being traumatized by the GoT "red wedding" episode the night before!) I kind of love Morgan because she's very honest about others' (and her own) craziness. However, when she said that she hates (HATES!!) purple, l was legit horrified. :-0
From total mess...

From total mess... semi-success! semi-success!

  • I did tackle my closet last weekend, and it actually only took like twoish hours! I jettisoned a TON of stuff that I wasn't regularly wearing and limited myself to 50 hanging items (since I had bought 50 nice hangers from Amazon for this very occasion!). These hangers seriously save so much room--I'm impressed! Now I can actually see the things I have (and like!) and the things that I'm lacking... like tank tops, neutral cardigans, and colors other than purple....
  • I'm loving these sandals! Before buying them, I had come to the conclusion that I have a bunch of summery shoes, but not many (or any?) that look cute, go with dresses/skirts, AND can handle the mile-long walk home from the light rail. THESE CAN. *heart eyes emoji*
  • I couldn't go to Wednesday yoga this week (waahh) so I've followed along with some Yoga with Adriene YouTube videos, especially for the neck and hips. My neck is always a literal pain and this week has been particularly bad, while soreness in my hip actually woke me up in the middle of the night this week! What am I, 80?! If anyone has any suggestions for dealing with hip and neck pain, please let me know! Thank god I have a massage tomorrow! :)