To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: August 21


Here are some things that put the sparkle in my week:

  • I got to drive to/from work 4 DAYS this week!! I feel like a real person again, not just a sleep-deprived zombie! (Being able to sleep in past 6 AM helps!) Driving is still not my favorite thing ever, but a 45 minute commute sure beats a 2 hour one (that begins at 6:30 AM)! Even this cranky guy was on board! (literally!)
  • I also drove a completely unfamiliar highway route this week! Like, WHAT? As you may recall, I practiced a lot before driving to and from work alone on a work day. But in order to get to B's from work by car, I had to take a route that I hadn't even been a passenger on in over a year. But I did it! (I think going out at lunch has definitely helped, because everything near my work is an unfamiliar route LOL.) Bonus that my favorite highway driving jam (Meatloaf's "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad") came on the radio during this jaunt!
  • I think I've finally found a drugstore "gel but not gel" nail polish set with staying power: Revlon Gel Envy. I didn't love how the color went on (although it did have an awesome flat brush, like the Sally Hansen Triple Shines!), but my gripes went out the window once I made it to day 5 with only one chipped nail! I am a Poshe devotee, but I have to say that I'm pretty impressed by the Revlon gel topcoat, and I'm curious to see how it works with other polishes. (So far, I've only tried it with one of the Revlon Gel Envy shades: "Cardshark," a rich bubblegum pink.)
TWO BRUSHES what the what?!?

TWO BRUSHES what the what?!?

  • So I had a bit of a rough Sunday. Sadness hit me out of the blue and turned me into a "sad mess" (as autocorrect saw fit to tell my friend Kristin LOL). I had driven to the mall, and I found myself suddenly tearing up in Ulta. (Sidenote WHO CRIES IN ULTA?! It's like the happiest place on earth, next to Sephora!! You only cry when you get your total at the register!) I started texting B, but "talking" about how I was feeling only made me more sniffly and sad. I think the wedding that I went to last weekend stirred some things up. I am pretty wary of marriage (my parents are divorced, surprise!), and thinking about it makes me almost hyperventilate and break out in hives like Carrie Bradshaw in a wedding dress. But the wedding last weekend was such a beautiful, happy occasion.Two young people joyfully choosing to join their lives and their families, not fleeing from the notion of marriage out of fear. I think seeing the other side of life rattled me a bit.

Anyhow, because I didn't really want to be bawling in Ulta, I asked one of the girls working there to help me find something for my skin, which has been a mess lately. I didn't tell her about my emotional turmoil (although I suspect makeup artists play therapist a lot!), but she was very sweet, and just interacting with another person helped calm me down. I wound up spending quite a bit of money (ack No Shop August), but I have been looking for a one-step face cream/foundation and a better under-eye concealer, and I got both, PLUS I got to test them out and have a lesson on how to apply them. Normally, I just spend a lot of money in small increments on drugstore products that end up not offering enough coverage or don't match my skin well enough. So at least I know that these guys work for me and are products that I will use everyday. #silverlining

Hello lovelies! Also, there's Cardshark on my nails!

Hello lovelies! Also, there's Cardshark on my nails!

  • And finally, one of my favorite moments from Nurse Jackie. This was me in Ulta... and me on a regular basis since I began consistently going to therapy two years ago! :)
Been there, girl.

Been there, girl.

Happy weekend!!