To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: September 18


It's the freakin' weekend!! *confetti horn emoji* Here are some things that put the sparkle into my week:

  • Alright everybody that had Old Navy Super Cash, what did you get?? I waited until this past Monday (aka the last day) to use my $20, naturally. What I really wanted was to try out the petite version of this sweater, because I tried on the regular XS in store, and it has waaaay too much material for me. (I was literally swallowed by a blanket with sleeves.) But the petite XS in the tannish color ("Mushroom") sold out before I could order it, AND the sweater itself was a Hot Deal (and thus exempt from Super Cash) on Monday. So annoying! I wanted to use my Super Cash to its superest extent! So instead, I ordered a few things in this lovely-looking berry shade that is rather out of my comfort zone. Eek!
  • I leave for Chicago bright and early tomorrow morning!! I've seriously been so excited all week! (Well, for everything but the 6:45 AM flight time.) I'm even already packed! I have a wedding tonight, so I really had to get my act together in advance!
  • So I did it. I got the damn Marie Kondo book. I started it on Friday night and then this happened on Saturday:

Not surprisingly, I spent Sunday afternoon at Greene St. and Plato's Closet! I'm not very far in the book, but with the end of summer approaching, my closet needed a serious purge anyway. Asking myself if questionable items sparked joy helped me to finally part with them (since they usually sparked guilt or dread!). Roughly 50 things went to Greene St. and Plato's combined, a new record for me!

  • This week, I started a new type of therapy, and my first session was It gives me hope that I might not be bogged down by so much anxiety in the future. The process is called EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), and while it sounds bonkers, I had to try it after THREE of my doctors/therapists/yogis separately suggested to me, to help alleviate my daily anxiety and assimilate some traumatic memories into the past. My mood was very up and down this week, and I was riddled with anxiety, so I'm really hoping the EMDR can help level things out. The first session was pretty mind-blowing, so I'm actually excited to go back!
  • Lastly, today's installment of Famous Cats in History: How hilar is Figaro from Pinocchio? Pops was watching a documentary on Walt Disney this week, and when they got to Pinocchio (which I might have seen part of ages ago?), I was like "Wait, there's a CAT in it?!? Oh yeah!" As with Telemachus, immediate research was necessary. (Apparently, I would have finished my MA thesis way sooner if it had been on cats.) I promptly discovered that Figaro's gifs are amazing:


Have a fantastic weekend, everybody! See ya post-Chicago! <3