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September 2015 budget


Oh boy, September! This was the first month I tried to set a weekly spending budget (not just for clothes). What an interesting, challenging experience! (I got the idea from Jessica over at Bedknobs and Baubles, if you want to check out her approach to budgeting!) I also put a good amount (for me) into savings. I am realizing that I am not someone who can have access to extra money--otherwise, I will find something to spend it on. Luckily, transfers into my savings account take forever to clear, so I have another level of protection against impulse purchases!

This month, I consigned/sold a TON of stuff! ... but I also bought quite a bit. Maybe I just have to come to terms with the fact that I like shopping and will never have a super minimalistic wardrobe. As long as I'm buying things that I know I'll wear/use, and stay aware of my shopping budget, then I guess it's better than beating myself up every month!

I actually managed to hit my budget exactly this month, thanks to my earnings at Plato's Closet! Yee haw!! I did buy a couple of accessories in Chicago, pick up some trade-ins at Plato's, and get a few things with a Target gift card as well--but I'm not counting them against my shopping budget. (So that helps too, LOL.)


  1. Organic Quartz Pendant in lapis (Baublebar; sold out): on sale for $10
  2. Geovista Pave Collar Necklace (Chloe & Isabel): $52 on sale for $36
  3. Classic Faux Leather Crossbody (Forever 21): $23
  4. Sparklers and Recreation Dress (Modcloth): $55 on sale for $37
  5. Open-Front Handkerchief-Hem Cardigan (Old Navy): $24 on sale for $15
  6. Alpenglow Collar (Chloe & Isabel): $78 on sale for $55
  7. Tassled Two-Tone Scarf (Forever 21): $10
  8. (not pictured) Love Ady cocktail dress (Nordstrom Rack): $45 

Not pictured (purchased with Target gift card!):

Annnnd three tops and a belt at Plato's Closet, in exchange for my old clothes.

TOTAL: $231-61 (from Plato's) = $170


Favorite item:

Everything?? I've already professed my love of the Love Ady dress, and the Modcloth dress is perfection in terms of my new summer "uniform" (tame pattern, comfy, pop of color, sleeves). The necklaces are all gorge and unlike anything I have in my collection. (I'm trying to work in some more color... and some more collars!) The jacket, crossbody, and (super-soft) blanket scarf all came in handy during my Chicago trip. And it turns out I LOVE the berry color of that ON sweater in person! It's almost purple-looking! *confetti horn emoji*

Least favorite:

I guess the infinity scarf, but not because of the scarf itself... You see, I'd had and loved an almost identical one last year but then lost it on the most embarrassing day of my life. (I may be writing about this mortifying occasion in the future, don't worry.) *shudder*

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