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I've been debating doing a post like this for while, because they're always so fun and entertaining when Mattie does them! And there's no shortage of things to confess because my life has been super ridiculous lately!

  • So I mentioned last Friday that I had to go to the orthodontist... for the first time in 11 or 12 years. I'm pretty sure I was a senior in high school the last time I was there. This time around, I was a trendsetter on SO many levels: I was the only patient in the waiting room not accompanied by a parent or guardian, perhaps the only patient of legal driving age, and definitely the only patient not skipping first period for my appointment. #winning #stillgetcardedtho


  • I'm a terrible liar. And, when I feel guilty about something, I'm all flustered April Kepner about it. So I sang like a canary about not wearing my retainers. And when the doctor casually asked, "So what brought you in today?" my response was a panicked, "FEAR!!" #butactually
  • Oh, and when you've last been to the orthodontist 11 or 12 years ago, the picture they have on file for you is utterly appalling and needs to be burned STAT. I don't need a reminder of how awkward I was as a brace-faced teen, thanks! #ctrl #alt #del #unfierce #sorryTyra
  • In other news, Fruit Loops have been my breakfast of choice for the past week. Yeah. That's happening. I just wanted to mix up my breakfast routine but couldn't commit to a full box of anything else! (Sidenote: Why don't they make those awesome variety packs with all the little boxes of cereal for adult-y cereals?! That's exactly what I needed!) My super health nut dad did not want to be seen with this box in his basket, but alas. #juicecleanse
My contributions to our shopping cart. #adulting

My contributions to our shopping cart. #adulting

  • I'm terrified of bugs in general, but especially bees, wasps, basically anything that buzzes and stings. I seriously take off running whenever I hear that droney buzz... even if it's just a lawn mower in the distance #realtalk. Well, at work this week, we've had TWO hornets in our office! (Or maybe they're wasps... it's not like I'm getting all up on them with a magnifying glass or anything!) And in both cases, of course it was me who found them. Clearly, I'm not going to be the one to corral them, so I had to enlist my co-workers for help. The co-workers in question are Russian and have a hard enough time understanding me as it is, but now that I'm 15 years old and have a retainer that gives me a lisp, you can imagine how well things went! "Thereth a bee or thomthing buzthing in there, can you guyth help me?!" UGH SO EMBARRASSING. But thankfully, one of the guys was able to capture our new "bee friend," and set it free. GOOD GRIEF. #buzzkill #almostliterally #FarmerTed
This is pretty much how I've felt all week.

This is pretty much how I've felt all week.

How is your week going? I hope it's hornet (or wasp) and embarrassment-free! :)

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