To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: January 27


Here's what put the sparkle into this blur of a week:

  • Well, not our TV dying on Friday night! It just clicked off and would not turn back on. But now Pops and I have a glorious new TV, so that helps! We promptly tested it out with some show called Is OJ Innocent? because of course we did. 


  • I meal prepped my lunches again this week! And it involved using a food processor! WHAT. A. GROWN. UP. (And I only cut myself once!) I made this sun-dried tomato and basil pesto, which was super easy and pretty delish, and I added it to the one other thing I can make: pasta.


  • Does anyone else find watching vlogs to be energizing? Maybe it's because I feel like a friend is chatting with me? (The sense of connection without actual human contact is really 👌👌. #bloggerprobs) Anyway, I stumbled upon Lydia Elise Millen this week and really enjoy her. Her lovely Brit accent makes for calming background noise!

She also has a very cute cat who gets stuck in the Christmas tree, which is obviously why I chose this video.


  • I hardly ever want to go out during the work day. I also find shoe shopping to be a total pain. (Hence why I'm still wearing booties that have a pebble-filled hole in the sole!) But on Thursday, I apparently became a pod person, as I felt compelled to take a lunch break and go look at shoes at Nordstrom Rack. So I went out! And the world did not end! And I found a pair of cute and comfy booties for $25! 🎉
Living the dream.

Living the dream.

  • Lastly, modern dogs are such slackers.

Have a great weekend! xo