To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: January 6


Let's see what put the sparkle into this first week of the new year!

  • Last Friday, Pops and I finally got our act together to go the Macy's Christmas Light Show! It's so crazy how there's this whole Light Brite-esque display just in the middle of a huge department store, all nbd. 
  • My lovely, lazy Christmas vacation is sadly over. But basically wearing a blanket with sleeves made the transition back to work a little better!
So cozy! 

So cozy! 

  • I got my first-ever Christmas card from Australia this week! How cute are these sunbathing penguins?! (I wish it were still summer here!) Thank you Mica! Your card and message were so sweet and really made my day! 💖
  • In keeping with the blogger love theme, the lovely Nicole at Writes Like a Girl really helped me to push through some anxiety this week and get my "Phrase of the Year" post up on Wednesday! Her positivity and pretty pictures definitely energize me and make me want to write/post more! 
  • Lastly, I ended the week with an impromptu reunion with some old work pals, which was just delightful! My initial reaction to the last-minute invite was going to be "no," of course (I'm not the most spontaneous person--surprise!), but then I remembered my mantra for 2017 and my resolution to just consider saying yes to things. So I considered it. And I realized that, under my reflexive anxiety, I actually did want to go! So I did! And it was great! HUZZAH! 

Happy first weekend of 2017 to you! xo