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2017 Favorites


January really got away from me, so let's look back at some of my Favorites from 2017 before it's 2018!

(These first few items I’ve had since the end of 2016 but hadn’t had long enough to consider them favorites in 2016.)

  • Y'all know I'm obsessed with Lipsense, especially with Bombshell, which is my ideal "my lips but better" shade. I've already gone through two tubes of Bombshell and Glossy Gloss since fall 2016!


  • I like these Sketchers Go Step sneakers because they are comfy without being bulky and so can go with anything! (At least in my mind they do!)


  • I seriously agonized for months about buying this fidget ring from Etsy and am so glad I did. It's so cute and fits perfectly--in addition to being there for the fidgeting. I wear it every day!



  • I bought Glossier's Balm DotCom in Original after seeing Fran rave about it, and I have not been disappointed. It just melts into your lips and doesn't seem to wear off as quickly as other balms do, which is exactly what I want as a lip-biter! Since then, I've also gotten the Cherry flavor, and I love that one even more. The Original can get a little oily, not to mention that the tiny pop of color that the Cherry has is just 💯.


  • These Primark skinny jeans are super soft and stretchy, while also being $15. SOLD. I now own two pairs!


  • I had been coveting Lanolips forever (curse you, primarily European beauty brands!), so I nearly shrieked when I spotted it at Ulta over the summer! The multibalm has not disappointed! I use it every night before bed.


  • I bought this $10 phone holder for my car on a whim while in the checkout line at Nordstrom Rack and have not regretted it one bit. It keeps my phone in place even while driving over the cobblestones in Chestnut Hill, so you know it's legit!


What are your faves from 2017 that I've got to check out?!