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June 2017 budget


In February, I had the realization that I often shop to keep myself stuck, as not having money is a legitimate excuse not to do things. 

I had hoped that revelation would inspire me to get my spending under control, but this month, much like Marshall/Beercules:


It always starts out so well: I make a budget, and I "give every dollar a job" in YNAB like I'm supposed to, but I don't take that budget or those jobs seriously. I just can't seem to stop myself from spending "extra" money, even if I've earmarked it for something else important (like next month's bills). I also just won't check my bank account for days at a time, so that I can go on being irresponsible. COME ON GIRL.

While the damage is actually not as bad as I'd anticipated, the above mindset worries me.

ANYWAY, here's what I got in June: 

  1. Bandolino Collindy flat (Marshalls): $22 on sale (It seems that they retail around $50, so 🙌.)
  2. Tony Moly Gold Black Sugar Scrub Mask (Ulta): $10 on sale for $9
  3. Well Worn Babe Pullover (Target): $6
  4. Mad Love Keava Sandal (Target)--and currently on sale!: $23
  5. Lanolips 101 Ointment Balm in strawberry (Ulta): $14 on sale for $12


Not pictured:

  1. Always Keep Fighting "Love Yourself First" tee: $30 including shipping 
  2. Striped Aerie tee (Plato's Closet):  $5
  3. Purple Silence + Noise tee (Plato's Closet): $6


TOTAL: $113 - $20 that I got back for returning the Glossier Priming Moisturizer, my least favorite part of the Phase 1 Kit I bought last month


(I'm only changing the total so that I have an accurate number when I add up my spending at the end of the year, and I don't want to go back and change the May post.)


I'd been looking for new black flats (because my go-to ones are from 2008 nbd), and this was a whole saga because I have really narrow feet and often walk out of flats. So the elastic ankle straps on the Collindy flat are 👌. Bonus that I get to look like a ballerina, which is pretty much always my goal. 

The Keava sandal is not nearly as cute, but it's basically a walking boot in sandal form, what with the tighten-able straps and the rocker sole. The Birkenstock look may be trendy these days, but I definitely bought these to serve an orthopedic function. I'm officially 80 years old.

In that same vein, I got the Babe shirt solely to rock the Miss Arlene Francis and Miss Kitty Carlisle fashion vibe from What's My Line?  

Did anyone else watch these old reruns on Game Show Network as a kid?!

Did anyone else watch these old reruns on Game Show Network as a kid?!

Lanolips is something that I'd always coveted but had never been able to find in the States. So naturally I pounced when I saw it at Ulta!

And finally, the Always Keep Fighting shirt. I feel like a huge poser getting a Supernatural shirt (given that I doubt I've watched a full season of it), but finding out about Jared Padalecki's experiences with suicide and depression, and how much he and the cast have done to normalize mental health issues are truly what keeps me interested in the show. 



How do you avoid blowing off your budget? Any suggestions? 😬

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