To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: July 7


This lovely week featured dental work, a trip to the DMV, and a giant bug in our basement. (I'm not sure which of those scenarios is most terrifying...) So I definitely had to look below the surface for the sparkle, but it was there!


  • On Saturday, I went shopping for plants and promptly fell in love with all the dahlias!

My goal was to buy a few flowers to plant, particularly a zinnia because they look like dahlias but allegedly attract less bugs, buuut that was a fail once I saw all of these guys! 😍


  • So I ended up getting a zinnia and a dahlia, and Pops and I planted them on the Fourth of July. And I learned that I don't like gardening! Womp! (Although this really should not be a huge surprise given my feelings about dirt and bugs.) If I plant flowers again, perennials seem to be the way to go for maximum prettiness and one-time effort!
Hi friends! 👋

Hi friends! 👋

  • As if you couldn't tell, Pops and I had a low-key Fourth, complete with planting said flowers and watching the Storage Wars marathon! Just as our forefathers intended! 😂 That show is so ridiculous. We especially love all the corny puns that are featured in the recap at the end.


  • In case there was any doubt that our neighborhood is full of free-range cats, I looked up from my meditation one evening and saw this fellow stroll on by!
Who the heck are you?!

Who the heck are you?!

  •  And lastly, here is a wacky gif that my bffl and I currently can't get enough of:

We both had to work on Monday, so we said that everyone who had off was getting pinched by this guy... including Pops, who is retired! (Poor Pops.) 


Hope you have a great weekend! xo