To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: August 18


Here's where I found the sparkle despite being generally disheartened this week:

  • I went to the mall near work on Saturday, which was a major accomplishment because a.) I left the house! b.) I went on a "frivolous" outing that included highway driving and nothing bad happened! and c.) I was able to keep in mind the things I've actually been looking to buy, rather than just buying everything in sight! I also discovered the joys of Primark (anybody else love it?!) and made the very important purchase below. (For the record, I had been looking for a key cap for awhile!)


As Timmi put it, "Pusheen with a Stormy hat!" 💯

As Timmi put it, "Pusheen with a Stormy hat!" 💯

  • I bought this ridiculous contraption on Amazon and BY GOD IT WORKS!

The last few times I've been to the hairdresser, I've marveled at how well their fancy salon dryers preserve my curls (not to mention that they dry my mane in a MUCH shorter amount of time than usual!), so I finally decided to get a bonnet hair dryer attachment. And I'm quite impressed! (Although I think I'll clip my hair at the roots next time to see if I can get more volume.)



  • This week's Weird-Ass Song of the Week is more morose than usual... not to mention that it's by Bon Iver, who I hate myself for sort of liking. (But this song is in Grey's, so that explains a lot, haha!)
  • This time next week, I'll be in sunny California! I can't believe our trip is here already! Conveniently, Pops and I will also be out there for my birthday (8/28)! :)


  • And finally, my Lipsense party with Becky ends TODAY, friends! So join the fb group and come party with us! ("Come party with us"--there's a phrase I've never said in my life! 😂) You can also learn more about why I love Lipsense here!


Hope you have a great weekend and a great next week (in case I don't get my act together enough for H54F next week!)! xo

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