To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: February 9


Let's see what put the sparkle into this big week for Philly:

  • I am generally not at all interested in football, but even I've got a touch of Eagles (or Iggles) fever now! I still can't believe that they actually WON THE SUPER BOWL. Like, how did that even happen?! And that's not a diss--it's because I'm a super-paranoid/negative sports fan. Like, don't touch the Prince of Wales trophy, and definitely don't think your team is actually going to win the big game. (I was a complete basketcase when the Flyers were in the Finals in 2010. I was hiding in the closet when Patrick Kane scored the Cup-winning goal in OT!) But holy hell, the Eagles did the damn thing!! Congrats to all you Eagles fans out there! :)


  • This also means that I was treated to many renditions of "Fly Eagles Fly" on the trumpet courtesy of our neighbor on Sunday night, which will never not be hilarious to me.
  • I love what Nick Foles had to say after winning. (I also love that he looks like he should be teaching fifth grade Social Studies.) As someone who is struggling some right now, I found it very comforting. 
  • Moving on... Sunday was probably the best day I've had in weeks! (And this has nothing to do with the Eagles!) The morning was rough, but I went to a trauma-sensitive yoga class (my fave type of yoga tbh) and then visited my friend Maggie, who twirled me around her house and made me laugh uncontrollably because she is a beautiful goddess. And then I went home to an empty house. Cue the chorus of angels! I was supposed to go to my aunt's to watch the Super Bowl, but I've been such an emotional wreck lately that I decided to stay home so that I had the space to cry or sleep or whatever the spirit moved me to do. It was the perfect decision. ❤️


  • And lastly, in this installment of "Weird Ass Song of the Week," we have Eddie Money's "Think I'm in Love," which was featured in last week's episode of Waco. (Is anyone else watching Waco? Pops saw the first episode while I was away and was so pumped about it that it's the first thing he told me about when I got home, haha!) "Think I'm in Love" is a song I totally forgot existed, but it's so catchy and 80s that it's been a fine accompaniment on my many walks lately!

Hope you have a great weekend! xo

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