To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: April 13


Whoa, what a week! Complete with three therapy sessions in three days! (A sign you’re doing super well! 🙌🏻) I'm feeling better now, though, so let's see what brought the sparkle:

  • Yo girl is a yoga teacher training graduate! I still can barely believe it. This thing that I decided to do somewhat on a whim has impacted my life so profoundly. I really needed this community over the past eight months.

The graduation ceremony on Sunday was so cute! Unicorn straws and flowers! Dancing! I was in heaven! 


You could invite guests to the ceremony, but since I was staying over (and the studio isn't exactly close to my house), I decided not to. But one of the YTT girls apparently mentioned this to her girlfriend, and her girlfriend declared herself my person for the day and made me a sign and gift! And I had never even met her before! I was seriously blown away by her kindness. It made the day even sweeter! ❤️


  • On Saturday, I happened to be driving back from Target as the sun was settling, and it was just mind-blowingly gorgeous. I couldn't resist--I had to pull over and take some pictures. (This week’s post really captures life with me in a nutshell--stopping to photo document everything and playing the same song 70 times in a row. But we’ll get to that....) Just hanging out in this random park watching the sunset was glorious.
  • I'm starting to find flowers on my post-therapy walk, hooray! I especially loved these tulips that were sitting outside the door to a church.
  • Our Weird Ass Song of the Week is Ron Swanson and Tammy II's song: "Dancing on the Ceiling." It's sooo bad and so mood-brightening on repeat 70 times in a row, I swear. 😂

The video doesn't disappoint either!


  • Lastly, I’m just gonna leave this here (even though Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez is missing 😩).

I loved The Sandlot so much when I was a kid. It was the rare movie that could trump my Babysitters' Club movies when I stayed at my mom's! But 25 YEARS?!? My god.


Hope you have a great weekend! xo

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