To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: April 27


Let’s see what put the sparkle into this week!

  • On Friday morning, I had to clear out of the house early (or hear about driveway estimates PASS), so I stopped at Walmart on my way to work and checked out their make-up section again. I really like the Flower Petal Pout lipstick I got last time, so I picked up another, this time in the matte shade Autumn Rose. I think it's really pretty while also being appropriately subtle for me, haha!

I also picked up a Hard Candy lip gloss and their Sheer Envy Under Eye Fix, which I'm enjoying. It's not a full-on concealer, but I haven't been wearing much in the way of make-up lately, so it's been good at toning down my dark circles some, while not taking forever to slather on or looking crazy considering I'm only wearing mascara. Bonus that it feels really cool when you first put it on!


  • I spent most of Saturday cleaning my room, which was way way overdue. It's so nice to have everything organized and free of dust bunnies now! And I found a home for my letter board!
  • Later that day, I made a new cat friend: Brindle Pinky! When I see a cat in the great outdoors, I usually just sit down at a distance and see how they're feeling about me being there. I'm a scared indoor cat myself, so I never want to spook them. Brindle Pinky had never ever come up to me before, so I had very low expectations: so imagine my surprise when she came a-running and a-meowing! Being deemed safe really warmed my heart. 
  • On the topic of cats, since Wednesday, I've been staying with this darling gal, PUDGE! (She's my friend Maggie's cat.) Pudge is super affectionate and has a bum back leg, so she basically waddles around and then rams herself into me so that I'll pet her. I'M DYING. 😭💖

When I first got to Maggie's, I didn't expect anyone to be home, but her roommate Karuna was there, and boy was I thrilled to see her! It’s like when you're in college, and you're dreading going to the cafeteria alone, but then you find out that one of your friends got out of class early! Having dinner and chatting with Karuna was a real unexpected treat.


  • And finally, here's this week's Weird Ass Song of the Week, in honor of the guy who wrote the songs for Schoolhouse Rock. (He passed away this week.) Honestly, I don't know “Three Is a Magic Number” from my childhood, but rather, because it's what the band would play at the beginning of one of the Supernatural con panels featuring three of the actors--that's where I first heard it like a year ago! It's so cute and catchy that I couldn't resist!

Hope you have a great weekend! xo

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