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September 2019 Budget


Hey, it’s only October, so let’s get the September budget post up, shall we?!


(Some of the following are affiliate links)

  1. I Dew Care Cat Headband (Ulta): $6 - sale and gift card = $0

  2. Colourpop Ultra Blotted Lip in Zuma (Ulta): $7 - coupon and gift card = $0

  3. Anrabess Summer Tank Jumpsuit (Amazon): $24 - gift card = $13

  4. Zoya Nail Polish in Tawny (Ulta): $10 - gift card = $0

  5. C9 Active Tank Top (Target): $15 - gift card = $0

Not pictured:

  1. C9 Twist Back Tank Top Tank (Target): $13

  2. Zoya Nail Polish in Hera (Ulta): $10 - gift card = $0

  3. Clinique Pep Start Eye Cream (Ulta): $28 - coupon and gift card = $0

  4. Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip in Pretty In (Ulta): $7 - coupon and gift card = $0

  5. Essence Volume Booster Lash Primer (Ulta) : $5 - gift card = $0

  6. Nike Training Shorts (Amazon): $20

  7. Under Armour Play Up Shorts (Amazon): $17

  8. Heathyoga Leggings (Amazon): $17

  9. Treat Lip Balm in Confetti Cake (Amazon): $13 - gift card = $0

TOTAL: + $34 (assorted scrunchies and headbands from Forever 21) = $114

WHEW. Thanks to a slew of birthday gift cards, my spending was almost back to normal. Or at least closer to where I would want it to be.

You know what my two favorite purchases of September are? (Besides the cat ears headband, obviously!) The jumpsuit and the Heathyoga leggings. Finally, I’ve found pieces I’d like to be buried in! 😂😂 The jumpsuit is a jersey-type material and basically like a more fashionable onesie, while the leggings are soft and thick and have cell phone pockets (!!). I’m seriously considering getting another pair because I want to live in the one pair I have now!

The Treat Lip Balm is pretty great too. Besides smelling amazing, it’s super hydrating—I actually took it to Arizona with me as my overnight lip balm, and it worked really well.

Did you buy anything fun in September?