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That is the question

Budget revisit: October 2014


October 2014 was the first time I really noticed and appreciated the beautiful colors of fall. It was not, however, a great month for the budget.


Clockwise from top right:

  1. Medina amethyst stackable rings (Chloe and Isabel) - $42 Not sure how to quantify these because I returned them! I loved them but they just didn't fit :( 
  2. Opal earrings for sensitive ears (Etsy) - $16 HIT I wore these a bunch last fall. They're a little big for everyday studs, but they're super pretty and didn't bother my ears, a major win!
  3. Be Mine mismatched studs (Chloe and Isabel) - $35 HIT LOVE THESE. I wore these daily for months! (Until I lost the heart stud, womp.) They also didn't bother my ears and are beyond cute.
  4. Ugg moccasins (Greene Street) - $44 MISS I actually just consigned these back to Greene Street! They just didn't fit, even though I have other Uggs in the same size, and I'm not sure why I didn't return them.
  5. Kitty's Ring (JewelMint x Erin Fetherstone) - $30 MISS I love this ring but it's just too big on my baby fingers. SO SAD.
  6. Lace underlay cardigan (Target) - $22 on sale for $11 HIT/MISS I have worn this a few times, but it's actually a piece I've been struggling with in the KonMari method. It's cute but not super soft/comfy and not something that I'm ever psyched to reach for in my closet.
  7. (not pictured) OPI Glitter Off peelable base coat - $9 MISS Simply because I haven't used this! I bought it and then really haven't used any glitter polishes, since they are such a bitch to get off!
  8. (not pictured) Supergoop lip balm - $8 MISS This was supposed to be awesome, but it smelled/tasted strongly of sunscreen which I hate.

Oh, and my feel better purchases for getting blood drawn at my physical last year ($24 and $7 respectively, woo BOGO 50% off at Francesca's!): HIT/HIT I wore both of these daily for months! That's the jewelry dream!

Four hits out of ten purchases?! Well, that's not great! The slight silver lining, though, is that I did learn from some of these misses and no longer buy size 5 rings online, nor do I buy costume rings with the hope that they can be resized (duh?). And I don't buy shoes online, unless they're from some place where I can do easy, in-store returns (i.e. so I'm motivated to actually return them if need be).