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What I Wore Wednesday: Some things old, some things new


When I tried taking cute, outdoor pics of this outfit with my DSLR, it was a total fail. The camera kept tilting forward mid-shot and then the battery died. UGH. So super-glamorous iPhone bathroom shots it is! :) That's how proud of myself I was for assembling this outfit. Wearing a skirt just makes me feel more pulled-together, and I never know what to do with my chambray shirt, so being able to create a cute outfit with BOTH pieces felt like an accomplishment, haha. 


Button-down: BP by Nordstrom (sold out; 2015)

Skirt: Old Navy (2015)

Shoes: Converse for Target (2008!!)

Necklace: Geovista Pave Collar Necklace (Chloe + Isabel; 2015)

Watch: Target

Bracelets: Lokai and wooden beads (from a vender at Renegade)

Tights: ancient (LOL)


I am in love with this Old Navy skirt. I was initially concerned about the island print (doesn't "island print" just sound horrifying and garish?) but found it to be pretty tasteful and abstract in real life. That, combined with the dark backdrop, makes it seem pretty fall-approp to me. The necklace is awesome too--a great, subtle statement piece. (Reminder that you can pick it up from C+I here using my October code "Ginger's Jewel Soiree" at checkout!)

Although those are new pieces, I also worked in tights that I think are from high school (and were probably purchased by my mom LOL) and Converse flats that I bought with my bffl the day before she flew home for fall break 2008. HOLY MOLY. That was our senior year of college--I spent most of the break studying for the GRE Subject Test in English Lit! (*insert scared minion gif here*) And right after fall break was my bffl's b-day so we went to a Flyers-Sharks game, and the Phillies won the World Series a few days later. One perk of wearing older pieces is that they sometimes clothe you in heart-warming, long-forgotten memories too. <3

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