To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: November 13


What.a.whirlwind weekend into week! Here's what put the sparkle into it:

My weekend was spent at a yoga retreat, my fourth and possibly my toughest. I just really struggled to be present, and I didn't push myself as much as I probably could have. (That's always kind of disappointing, in any situation.) But! I gained a lot of insight and learned so much, especially about how emotional pain manifests physically. I thought I was experiencing a lot of anger at the retreat, but all of my physical pains corresponded to emotional burdens and fears of speaking up. It was SO fascinating and gave me a lot to consider and process in my usual weekly therapy. And I love the girls who are in my retreat "group," as well as the instructor, so it's always great to spend time with them! <3 <3

Taking a break with Snuff (my giant  Gund Snuffles  bear)!

Taking a break with Snuff (my giant Gund Snuffles bear)!

  • I learned from my last retreat experience that a massage the next day is a great treat, so I got a hot stone massage on Monday. It was amahzing and also alleviated some of my usual day-off anxiety. My neck is always a disaster (holding all those burdens!), so the heat really helped. (I hadn't had hot stone in years. My usual cranio-sacral massage therapist wasn't available that day, hence taking the plunge with the hot stones!) Not to mention that it helped with all the soreness I picked up over the weekend, haha!


  • I also got to catch up with some of my old work bffs at happy hour this week! I adore them and miss them terribly. I only work with dudes now, and none of them want to talk beauty and fashion (surprise!). One of my pals was trying to convince me to come back, and I was like, "Only if I could be your personal assistant!!" :)


  • In my continuing quest to try out Korean beauty products (a topic of conversation at said happy hour!), I picked up Etude House Moistfull Collagen Eye Concentrate from Amazon last week. It's too soon to see a difference in my dark circles, but I'm sort of ok with that because the cream just melts into my skin and has this AMAZING faint floral scent. I really hope it works because otherwise, I'm hooked! (And so is Soko Glam, that's where I heard about it!)
  • Finally, here is TR Knight being an adorable nut on Ellen! (I swear the George O'Malley/TR Knight love train will pull into the station one of these days.) All you really need to see is at 3:36, when Ellen asks if he wants a baby, and he goes, super enthusiastically, "I want a baby! Do you have one? 'Cause sometimes you give people things..." What a dork. *heart-eyes emoji*

Yay for the weekend! Hope it's a great one! xo