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What I Wore Wednesday, sponsored by the money-flying-away emoji!


I am not one to advocate paying full price for clothes/accessories, especially not now that I'm trying to get my act together with spending! BUT. Sometimes you have to take the plunge... especially if you're at Target (with a gift card, no less!), not Nordstrom! :)

Back in September, I was looking for a comfy, cozy, waterfall sweater or jacket for my Chicago trip. Of the three items I tried on at Target, the black jacket below was the most expensive option at $30, but it was also my favorite. It's a perfect light layer that looks more pulled-together than a hoodie while being as comfy as one. So rather than settling on something I felt meh about, I got the full-price jacket. Now it's making the rounds from Chicago to work to my yoga retreat last weekend! 

Speaking of layers, the temperature in Philly has been jumping from like 40 to 70 in a day, and sister can't handle the 40s without bundling up for the Antarctic. So I had to bust out my (enormous) Madewell Transport Tote last week to transport (ha) all of my usual crap AND a blanket scarf and hat at the end of the day!


Tee: Gap (2011?)

Jacket: Target (2015)

Jeans: Gap (2015)

Booties: Madden Girl (2012)

Bag: Madewell (2014)

Necklace: Chloe+Isabel (2015)


What is your go-to "comfy as pjs but put-together" item? I'm always looking to expand my own collection! :)

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