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December goals


I feel like the months are going by even faster since I started doing these goals posts, haha. Well, here we are: December. Not my favorite month. I did fine with Thanksgiving, so it got me wondering why Christmas and New Year's are so unsettling to me. I think it's just because they get so much more attention. It's like a 24/7 onslaught: the songs, the commercials, the gifts, the TV specials, the decorations... it's a lot to take in. And then, once you get used to it (and the days off!), it all goes away, just as quickly. And then it's just months of winter. UGH. So some of these goals are geared toward coping with (and maybe even enjoying?!) the holidays: 

  1. Keep track of spending. (A continuation of previous financial goals.)
  2. Talk to doc about sleeping issues/dreams. (I used to have vivid dreams, to the point of feeling unrested every night. We got them under control for awhile, but now they're back, almost every night again. UGH.)
  3. Send Christmas cards. (Woot!)
  4. Go to 2-3 yoga classes (especially during the holidays).
  5. Watch out for anxiety spirals, especially on/around Christmas and NYE. 


Now, how did my November goals go?

  1. Go to yoga 3x: I only made it once, hence the continuation of this goal into December! My favorite class is M-W-F mornings (aka almost impossible to go to), which I didn't take into account when I made this goal, haha.
  2. Can I stick to my shopping budget for two months in a row?!? Yes! I only surpassed it by $3!
  3. Work on Christmas cards: DONE! I'm currently in the midst of writing them out.
  4. $80 into savings: Check! I put a bit more into savings, actually! 
  5. Read something: Check! I mostly read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, which is somehow both interesting and meh.

Hey blogger friends: let me know if you want to exchange Christmas cards! :)

What are your goals for the month? And/or how do you cope with the loss of routine at the holidays?

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