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November 2015 budget


Guys, I did so good this month! Strangely, I would go through spurts of wanting everything and then wanting nothing, so that (plus having little spending money again) worked in my favor. I was even DISCIPLINED and stopped myself from a few purchases toward the end of the month when my funds were most limited. (Whoa!) This month's buys are basically a dupe of last month, as I picked up a few clothing items and a few Korean skincare items.

  1. Boyfriend Straight-Fit Jeans (Old Navy): $37 on sale for $30
  2. Classic Plaid Flannel Pullover (Old Navy): $27 on sale for $22
  3. Frost-Free Fleece-Lined Vest (Old Navy): $35 on sale for $18
  4. Geovista Stud Duo Earrings (Chloe+Isabel): $34
  5. Etude House Super Collagen Eye Concentrate (Amazon): $15 (gushed about here!)
  6. Lg Su:m37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick (Amazon): $25

Not pictured:

  1. Pure Smile Snail Lip Treatment Balm (Amazon): $7
  2. Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence samples (Amazon): $5
  3. Two-Tone Beanie (Forever 21): $10
  4. Light pink beanie (which I can't seem to find online; Forever 21): $7

TOTAL: $173 ($3 over budget)

Not bad, not bad, just slightly over budget! All of the clothing items were things missing from my closet, so I'm proud to have done some more intentional spending!

Favorite item: Almost everything? I had some Old Navy Super Cash, so I ordered a few things online, but the only keeper from that was the vest (which I love! It seriously looks like a J. Crew find!). When I made my exchanges, I picked up a few pieces that I love just as much! The Boyfriend jeans (my first pair!) are so comfy and timidly distressed (perf!), while the top is the shade of Catholic-school-girl-kilt plaid I'd been searching for! Tif must have subliminally messaged me to buy these things because she definitely has that top and has paired it with boyfriend jeans (I think). :) I also especially love the Geovista stud duo, namely the pyramid ones! I got to try them on at my Chloe+Isabel pop-up party, and I just fell in love. They are a little glitzy, a little edgy, and a little, well, little. As in, they are small enough that I can wear them all the time without noticing them (which is clutch for me and earrings). Considering I rarely change my everyday earrings, these could be a fine investment (i.e., if I wear them for a month, they would be down to less than $1 per wear! Woo logic!).

Least favorite: At the moment, the Su:m37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick, but it might just be because I got caught up in the "THIS IS THE HOLY GRAIL" hype. It's not bad, I just don't see why it's that exciting (aside from being a solid cleanser in a tube because that IS legit exciting for transportation purposes!).

Most intriguing: Ok so the Missha First Treatment Essence is just blowing my mind. It soaks right into my skin and vanishes in like 30 seconds. I've never had a product do that before! What is this sorcery?!? (Or does this just mean I'm using the wrong products? Lol) 


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