To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: December 11


I've been feeling super blah this week. My cold sort of came back, I've had no desire to eat, and I've been so.tired. Not to mention just feeling negative and meh about life. But even in a less than super sparkly week, there were some bright spots:

  • We had our annual Christmas party last weekend! ...which didn't help with the exhaustion, but I got to see a bunch of friends, including my college roommate! It's really awesome how we can just pick up like no time has passed, even though we hadn't seen each other in over a year. It's also great how I'll try to explain weird things (like my need for salty snacks with sweet), and then I'll remember that, duh, she knows them already, since she lived with me for three years! :D


  • In preparation for my exhausting weekend, I took last Monday off and actually had quite a nice day! (You may recall that I often feel anxious on days off.) I slept in and then went to the mall because I had to return something at Target. Then I did something I'd been putting off for over a year: getting measured at Victoria's Secret. Ugh, right? It wasn't exactly exciting, but I had the time to do it for once, and now I can actually wear the right size. Adult education!

Just driving around was really nice too. Driving alone and singing along with "Go Your Own Way" and "Radar Love" (lol) would have been unthinkable a year ago!


  • Thanks to Nicole's Link Love last Friday, I stumbled upon Boho Berry, and oh man, does Kara have some great content over there. Her FAQ page alone gave me so many things to look into regarding mediation, productivity, and planning. If you just want to drool over some gorgeous Bullet Journal pages, her site is great for that too! Loving it!!


  • Based on Kara's recommendation, I downloaded the "Stop, Breathe, and Think" mediation app. Meditation is always one of those things I put off because I don't like the quiet or sitting still, so I figured that the app couldn't hurt! (I'm also going to try to incorporate it into my morning routine, which right now consists of sleeping as late as possible and then throwing on clothes and rushing out the door! So if anyone has suggestions for getting the day off to a less frenzied start, let me know!) I've only used the app once so far, but at least I know it gets me:
LOL "Rough"

LOL "Rough"

  • Lastly, in lieu of my usual cat-stalking posts, I give you this guy who was strolling through the train station parking lot like nbd on Tuesday night. A deer?! What the what?! 
"Hello, did I miss the 5:20?" 

"Hello, did I miss the 5:20?" 

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! xoxo