To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

Please go chasing waterfalls...


(TLC and I are just on the same page lately...)

You know how you have items in your closet that you just reach for over and over again? (Sticking to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to? Ok, I'll stop!) Well, here are some of mine. Although I claim to not be into green, I LOVE this sweater. It's a great fall/winter shade, plus it's super comfy. (Bonus that I can dramatically throw the "waterfall" part over me like a blanket!) Then there's the black shirt with ruffles. YOU GUYS. I found this shirt at a consignment store like three years ago, and I'm still all heart-eyes emoji over it. It's basically a t-shirt (although a bit thicker), BUT it has the whole ruffle deal going on, which dresses it up a bit. While I wore this exact outfit to lunch with one of my old work pals a few weeks ago, I simply switched up the jeans and boots and wore it again to Thanksgiving! (It was really beautiful here in Philly that day, sunny and 60+, so I didn't even need a coat!)


Shirt: The Limited (thrifted; 2012?)

Cardigan: Target (2014)

Jeans: Old Navy (2015)

Boots: Madden Girl (2011)

Watch: Target (2015)


What are your go-to items? Are they also random consignment shop finds? :)

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