To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

In the Now: March 2015


Loving: The fact that the arrival of March puts us that.much.closer to SPRING! I'm so over cold, gray days. I need sunshine and warmth (and flowers! and skirts!)!

Planning for: A trip to Chicago next week! I'm going to visit my beloved galpal Timmi, and also to attend the Hay House Writers' Workshop! I can't believe March 20 is already almost here--I've got to get my posing game on point for the inevitable Bean photo shoot! (Fun Fact: I had no idea what the Bean was the first time I went to Chicago, back in 2012!)

Playing: Giant Boulder of Death. This iPhone game is absolutely perfect for my long (and recently, very frustrating) commute. All you do is guide a giant boulder down a mountain, and you get to crush things in your path, ranging from innocent hikers, to yetis, to houses and barns. It's very satisfying after 90 minutes on a bus, and the yodeling music and "Game oooover!" crack me up too. Good stuff.


Watching: Castle. For some reason, a show about crime and murder makes really comforting background noise for me. (Alarming?!) Like, I know enough to know what's going on without actually knowing what's going on in any individual episode. It doesn't hurt that Stana Katic is so gorge, and I want her perfect hair and flawless makeup always. 


Inspired by: Anne and her blog In Residence. Not only is her blog always bright and full of great pictures, but she totally seems to love being a mom and wife and balancing that with her writing. As I've gotten older, I've become more jaded and afraid of the idea of marriage/family--it just seems so overwhelming. Anne's blog, then, is very comforting, as she seems to be thriving in it all. Preach!