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May 2015 budget

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Guys. This has been a really out of control spending month, and I'm cringing at posting my "budget." I've been combating exhaustion and general malaise with the short-term glee that comes from ordering things online, and that ain't good. (Although, c'mon, ordering things online is THE BEST because the mail component makes it like an instant gratification grenade.) I need to seriously reevaluate my spending, since there's been way more spending than saving, and that's a big problem interfering  with other important things I want to do, like travel and other therapies and a potential car and hello maybe moving out someday?

Since I started tracking my purchases, regularly purging things from my closet, and taking note of which clothes I really reach for, I've gotten much better at stopping myself from buying things I don't need (believe it or not!). But the problem is using this awareness as justification. "Ugh, I won't wear these dresses, so I'll consign them and buy all new ones!" That's not great either.  Like, I can live without sandals. But I found three pairs I liked this month and HAD to have them. Same with the massive (excessive?) Paula's Choice order. I'd been researching my specific skin issues for like a month, settled on some picks from PC, and still went ahead and bought them, even though I'd already hit my alleged monthly spending cut-off of $170. OY.

I know what I need to do: actually stick to a budget to SAVE MONEY, and stop impulsively spending (even if the items are researched and fill holes in my closet/life blah blah). My therapist urged me to stop beating myself up about this because I clearly haven't been prioritizing saving--if I were, I'd be doing it, because when I set my sights on something, it gets done. (Hello, driving for the first time in years!) I know she's right, but I'm still annoyed at myself. But at least now I know that saving/sticking to budget needs to be a priority. I need to make some serious changes in the next month so my spending doesn't look like this budgetary walk of shame:

  1. Striped tee (Forever 21 ): $15 on sale for $10
  2. Belinda sandals (Target): $23
  3. Xhilaration watch (Target): $17 (seen here!)
  4. Marled Knit Combo Jacket (Forever 21): $35
  5. Purple skinny jeans (thrifted): on sale for $10 (seen here!)
  6. Lilac Solid Tote Handbag (Target): $33 (seen here!)
  7. Hat (Target): $13 on sale for $7
  8. Tameka sandals (Target): $23
  9. Adriano Goldschmied shorts: $12 (thrifted)
  10. Express polka dot peplum tank: $8 (thrifted)
  11. Gap white perforated sandals: $8 (thrifted)
  12. Black lace shorts (Forever 21): $13
  13. Tribal Print Drawstring Shorts (Forever 21): $13
  14. Woven Textured Kiss Lock Clasp Wallet (Target): $13
  15. Small Longchamp Le Pliage tote (eBay): $20
  16. Paula's Choice order (Hydralight cleanser, toner, and daytime lotion, plus 1% BHA Exfoliating Lotion): $75
  17. Nude demi-wedge sandals (J. Crew Factory): $98 on sale for $55

Total: $375

One easily avoidable misstep this month was ordering sandals online from Forever 21. I had tried them on in-store so I thought they would be ok, but no. You can only exchange online purchases for store credit (unless you want to pay shipping charges) at F21, hence the shorts and (my new favorite) t-shirt. Lesson learned there.

Favorite item: Everything? The striped shirt is just perfect, soft and floaty. I don't love stripes and these are quite understated. The F21 jacket is super light--great for breezy spring mornings. The watch looks more expensive than $17, can be manipulated to fit my baby wrist, and has huge numbers I can actually read. (Glasses since kindergarten, like all the cool kids.) The lilac bag is an awesome spring shade AND can actually hold a good bit. And then there's all the Paula's Choice stuff, which smells great, has not dried out my sensitive skin, and seems to be helping with redness. I had e-mailed them to get a better idea of which line would be best for my specific skin issues, and they were super helpful. Highly recommend thus far!

Least favorite item: Maybe the peplum top? They're so good in theory, and so weird in execution. 


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