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"Beep at my therapist!"

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Last week was the first time I had to drive in-session. Which meant picking up my therapist at UPenn and DRIVING IN THE CITY. And, to spice things up even more, it was Penn move-out day, HOORAY. So I was basically driving in real-life Paperboy, dodging ambulances, bicyclists, my formerly-beloved buses, and kids wheeling desk chairs and huge boxes of junk across the streets of University City. OY. But I survived, and it actually wasn't so bad (especially on the way home when I didn't get shuttled onto a different street due to construction!). I was totally freaking out when I picked up my therapist, but within a few minutes, I became relatively calm and dealt pretty well with driving around the city for a total of two hours! I'm pretty proud of myself. City driving has always been especially high on my "Things to Avoid Like the Plague" list (along with wet seats on the El and bees), and I did it!! And my therapist said I was better than some drivers she's been with (despite the fact that I got beeped at a few times during our ride #brotherlylove).

A few days later, I took the driving up a few more notches and drove to work (with Pops), on a route that mostly consists of highway driving. After dealing with the obstacle-course nature of city driving, highway driving was a comparative breeze. Get in a lane and go straight? Now THAT I can handle! Driving to work was also great because I could wear the outfit below, since I would be in control of the temperature (unlike on Septa, where I usually freeze)! *confetti horn emojis*

  • Tank: Splendid (Nordstrom Rack, 2013)
  • Skirt: Pins & Needles (Urban Outfitters, 2013)
  • Flats: Bandolino (Zappos, April 2015)
  • Bag: Merona (Target, to be included in May 2015 budget)
  • Watch: Xhilaration (Target, to be included in May 2015 budget) 
  • Bracelets: Lokai and DIY
  • Bow necklace: gift from the bf
  • Nail polish: Revlon, "Enchanting" 

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