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High-Five for Friday: May 22

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I decided to give this weekly "five favorite things from the week" linkup a shot because my life is so crazy right now with all the therapy/work and none of the sleep that I need to stop and focus on the good and happy things in my life! Such as....

  • This lovely gal graduated from law school last weekend!! Hooray! I'm so proud of you, Timbits (and fairly exhausted just at the thought of law school)! <3 <3

  • Late-night Target run! (Ok, it was only like 8:15 at night, but on a Sunday! *gasp*) Target is my happy place, especially because they all look basically the same and thus always feel familiar. I also love how you can get craft supplies, a cake stand, the gorge sandals you've been stalking online (where they've been sold out!), pastel Sharpies, and CAT WASHI TAPE all in one go!

  • Recliners at the movies. WUT. When did this become a thing?!? I HATE going to the movies, but being nice and comfy sure made it more tolerable! 

  • Spinster Sisters Muscle Rub, which has been super helpful when the left side of my neck/left shoulder get really sore for no apparent reason! I picked this baby up at Nice Things Handmade in South Philly, but you can also find it here.

  • My favorite shade of rhododendron is in bloom around town! (Thankfully, Timmi's mom told me what type of plant it is, besides "the pretty one"! Despite my love of flowers, I'm the worst at knowing their actual names.)

  • Bonus: Being off on Monday for a holiday (the first one in forever!!)! Happy (long) weekend, everybody!  :)

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