To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: June 19


Here's a smattering of things that put some sparkle in my week!

  • These little Nugg masks from Target! I'd heard good things, so I picked one up to remedy some facial dryness. (The Paula's Choice stuff I bought last month has been helping, but I suspect that the BHA lotion has been a little too strong for everyday use.) Well, the Nugg mask definitely helped! It goes on like a thick lotion and doesn't make your skin feel all tight and weird. My face looked great afterward! And they pack quite a bit in the little tub, so you can get more than one mask out of it--hence the pink washi tape I used to reseal mine :) 
  • I still can't get over how awesome Old Navy is these days. When I returned some things on Sunday, I naturally did some perusing and found great yoga clothes that were on sale (and are still on sale!). The sale plus a 20% off coupon made them like $15 total! And how cute are they?! 
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  • Speaking of yoga, I went to Wednesday morning yoga again, second week in a row! *confetti horn emoji*
  • This weekend's project: summer closet purge. But FOR REAL this time. Like, I actually bought new hangers, that's how dead serious I am. (lol) My summer closet is just jam-packed, and every night, I stare into it for a good five minutes, trying to find something to wear the next day, and I get so overwhelmed that picking anything is a struggle. I'm hoping that scaling back will make getting dressed fun again. I was also really inspired by this post, specifically by the way she reframed parting with pieces that have sentimental value: basically, thank the item for serving a purpose at one time, and then get rid of it because it's not serving you anymore. GENIUS. Fran's series on Building a Cohesive Wardrobe has been great inspiration too.
  • Kimmo Timonen won the Stanley Cup, finally! Now he can go out a champion. Despite my disdain for the Blackhawks (2010 Finals anyone?), I stayed up to watch Timonen skate the Cup, which almost brought a tear to the ol' eye, especially since he got the Cup first (well, after Toews accepted it). <3 <3