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That is the question

July 2015 budget


Here is a word to summarize July: UGH. So many feelings and frustrations. I just want to sleep for about five months. On the plus side, I think I realized why I struggle to stick to my budget. It's not so much that I'm not making it a priority (as I previously wondered), but rather that I'm an emotional shopper. Or maybe an "anti-emotion" shopper, since I distract myself with shopping (especially online shopping) when feelings start rumbling up. Click! Done. All better. I've noticed that I am way more apt to buy stuff on the days when I go in to work because I'm super sleep deprived and struggle with feelings of loneliness and trapped-ness. (I work in a teeny office, and the bus only runs at certain times of day so I am, quite literally, stuck.) When I work from home, however, shopping hardly crosses my mind. There's so much more available to me, like sunlight, and a car, and neighborhood cats, and other venues for working (like Starbucks).

So I think this is why I struggle to stick to my budget: doing so would reveal whatever crap I'm pushing down with the high and distraction of shopping. UGH.

With that in mind, I am challenging myself to a Shop Free August. (My friend Piper totally inspired me with her No Buy July!) Since I am using shopping as a crutch, I want to see what happens when I take it away for a month. (I'm already working on meditations to help me through!!) I'm also contemplating some sort of clothing challenge to get me excited/creative about the things I already have in my closet. Is anyone else doing something like this?


Now that we got all that emotional stuff out of the way, let's look at what I did buy and decide to keep in July! *confetti horn emoji*

  1. Sperry Topsider SON-R Flex flats (Nordstrom Rack but also at Zappos): $75 on sale for $30 (bonus that I got the grey, which have teal soles like Tieks!)
  2. Pewter Bennet Toms (Nordstrom Rack and I can't seem to find them elsewhere?): on sale for $40 
  3. Merona Layering Tank (Target): $12 on sale for $10
  4. Sunset on the Seine Statement Pendant (Chloe and Isabel): $52
  5. Morningtide East-West Pendant Necklace (Chloe and Isabel): $52
  6. Sunset on the Seine Statement Studs (Chloe and Isabel): free! (orig. $34)

Not pictured:

  1. Aerie top (Buffalo Exchange): $10
  2. Madewell top (Buffalo Exchange): $14
  3. Blue crop top (Plato's Closet): $7 on sale for $2
  4. J. Crew shorts (Plato's Closet): $6 on sale for $3
  5. Hue Ponte Cuffed Leggings (Nordstrom Rack but also at Amazon): $28 on sale for $14
  6. Madewell Abroad Dress in Stripe Inset (eBay): $45
  7. Old Navy Lightweight Hi-Lo Tees (I think?): $14 on sale for $10

TOTAL: $282 minus the $28 left over last month that I allocated to the C&I purchases = $254($84 over budget)

I must say, I'm not upset that the shoes (purchased on my Nordstrom Rack excursion lunch) put me way over budget because I have super narrow feet, so FINALLY finding two pairs of flats that fit comfortably AND were on sale was like *choir of angels singing*.

Favorite Item: Probably the Morningtide pendant because I've already worn it about a million times! It is the perfect bit of sparkle for any outfit, and I love its fan-esque shape.

Least favorite item: The Madewell dress. Not because I don't like it, but because it was the real indication that something deeper was going on with me and shopping. Like, it's one thing to buy impulsively when said item is returnable to a store, or under $20, or is something you've coveted for awhile. It's quite another when you buy it on eBay just because you saw it online and had to have it (despite the fact that it's sold out on Madewell's site). THIS WAS NOT A PROUD MOMENT.

Oh, and disclaimer that I did buy some things in July that I am undecided about--if I keep them, then they will be accounted for in my August budget... along with a b-day gift to myself!

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