To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

High Five for Friday: Birthday Edition!


Happy Friday gang! Not only is today Friday (woo hoo!), it's also my BIRTHDAY! *confetti horn emoji* I used to shrink away from my birthday, and while I'm still not super comfortable being the center of attention (i.e., if you have people at a restaurant sing to me, I will hurt you), I've warmed up to the ol' b-day A LOT in the past two years. :)

ANYHOO, here are some things that put the sparkle into the week leading up to the big 2-9:

  • I got back in touch with my college roommate this week, and it feels like no time has passed at all. We're back to quoting weird Paul Simon lyrics like we're still sharing a dorm room with Justin Timberlake pics on the walls and are going to meet up later at Cardinal for lunch! Isn't it awesome how some friendships are just instantly resuscitated by ancient inside jokes?!
This is how she decorated our door for my 21st birthday, aww! I don't think my current roommate/landlord (Pops) is going to do this LOL

This is how she decorated our door for my 21st birthday, aww! I don't think my current roommate/landlord (Pops) is going to do this LOL

  • True confessions: I used to LOVE Dawson's Creek. Especially season 2, which I've been re-watching over the past week. Andie is my girl--I just love her nervous, dorky energy and general goody-two-shoes sensibility. I remember watching this season in real time (I was in sixth grade then), and relating to Andie so much. Seeing a fellow anxious perfectionist on TV was really comforting to me. Bonus that she was in the cutest relationship with Pacey! I could not continue with the Creek once they broke up UGH HEARTBREAK. On that depressing note, does it get any more 90s angst than a montage set to "Hands" by Jewel?! (starts around :30)
  • I've been looking to up my statement necklace game inexpensively and have thus been poring over the Happiness Boutique site. (Somebody introduced me to Happiness Boutique by posting about it on their blog, and now I can't remember who--rats!) When I get set on buying something online, be it necklaces or colors from the Zoya 3 Free promotions, I obsess about it with the care typically reserved for naming a child. I'm pretty set on the Geometric Drop Bead Necklace, but I'm torn between the Delight Statement Necklace in Mint and the Blossom Statement Necklace... and like 30 other things! Help!! What would you choose??
  • In light of my "sad mess" episode at Ulta, my therapist and I had a big conversation about my ability to create whatever life I want. That concept--that I'm not as limited and "stuck" as my anxious mind tells me--seems completely ludicrous most of the time, but it's the truth. I CAN DO whatever I want with my life--we ALL can! This therapy sesh made me think of one of my favorite quotes, from My Darling, My Hamburger by Paul Zindel:
PREACH. *holla hands emoji*

PREACH. *holla hands emoji*

  • And finally, two offerings if you need a giggle. One is from Buzzfeed about the struggles of being an Introvert ("I'm sorry I didn't answer the phone when you called. I don't use it for that." SO MUCH YES.) And the other is Maisie Williams (aka Arya Stark from GoT) reenacting The Lion King with various creatures (including a cat, so I'm obviously on board). 

Have a fantastic weekend, gang! xoxo