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Revisiting the Budget: September 2014


Ah, September 2014, what a great time you were. Actually, it's a huge blur aside from my first trip to Disney World (!!) and my first full month at home (and sans-walking boot!). Momentous occasions indeed. September 2014 included one of my FAVORITE purchases of the past year (also featured here!) and some disappointing ones too, womp. Without any further adieu, let's go back, back to the beginning......

  1. Grey cardigan (Old Navy): $20 - 20% off = $16 BEST PURCHASE EVER. I love this cardigan so much. It is the perfect length, perfect color, and perfect texture. It was also one of my most worn items in Outfit Documentation August! SUPER HIT
  2. Handmade scarf (Knack Philadelphia): $27 Not my best purchase. I love the color, but I always forget about this scarf, for some reason. Also, I think this store is now closed? :( Double MISS
  3. Sam & Libby ballet flats (Target): $30 Not my fave ballet flats, but they were an emergency shoe purchase and allowed me to get rid of my super beat old leopard flats, so HIT.
  4. Gap Legging Jean Skimmer: $50 - 40% off = $30 These are a great not-quite-denim-blue color (a timid venture into colored pants!) and got quite a bit of wear last fall/spring! HIT
  5. Zoya Magical Pixie Dust in Ginni (Ulta): $10 - $5 off bday coupon (woohoo!) = $5 This is a HIT for the price but a MISS for the texture. However, it did teach me to stick to Zoya's regular Pixie Dust line! (The extra glitter of the Magical Pixie Dust kept getting caught on things, grr.)
  6. Floral backpack (Payless): $35 - $5 off = $30 Another split HIT/MISS. It was perfect for my trip to Disney World, which is why I got it, but I really had no use for it afterward, and it started falling apart as well.
  7. Blue polka dot infinity scarf (Old Navy): $13 - 30% off = $9 This sucker's gotten quite a bit of use for $9! HIT
  8. (not pictured) Gray hobo whose virtues I've already extolled (Target): $35 on sale for $17 I haven't used this bag in awhile, but I still deem it as awesome as when I sang its praises last year. HIT
  9. (not pictured) Black stretchy belt (Old Navy): $15 on sale for $6 These belts are the bomb. HIT

TOTAL: $170 ($2 UNDER budget?! Inconceivable!) Especially inconceivable these days when sticking to the budget is a struggle!! LOL

Ok, so last September yielded six hits, one miss, and two mehs (split hit/miss). Not too bad, especially considering the use I've gotten out of the grey cardi alone! I know that I was pretty good about budgeting last fall and really fell off the wagon around the holidays so I am scared to review those purchases! :-/ Do you guys look back at your past buys? Do you think it's worthwhile or just guilt-inducing?