To Sparkle Punch...

That is the question

January goals


Ok, I just had to use a picture of my friend's adorable cat, since I've been watching her for all of three days and have taken roughly a million pictures of her. And how daunting can goals be when they are ushered in by that precious face?! 

Sorry for the crappy pic and I swear I wasn't writing during an earthquake!

Sorry for the crappy pic and I swear I wasn't writing during an earthquake!

  1. Taking a page out of Fran's book, I'm going to transfer my shopping budget money to its own checking account and see if that curbs my tendency to overspend.
  2. Check bank account daily--another way to stay on top of my finances in 2016.
  3. Look into affiliate links for the blog, since I really know nothing about them! :)
  4. I've cleaned a bunch of stuff out of my closet (woo hoo!), so it's time to hit the consignment shops!
  5. I'm actually enjoying getting up a little early (even though that often means getting up earlier in the hour of 5--a time that no one without a screaming baby should be getting up!)! I've been using the Breathe app when I first get up, and then playing around with posts or watching fun YouTube videos. Taking a few minutes for myself before getting ready for work has been a delightful addition to my day! 

Ok, so how did December's Goals go?

  1. Keep track of spending. BAHAHAHAHAHA. If you read my budget post, then you can laugh along with me. ;)
  2. Talk to doc about sleeping issues/dreams. CHECK! We made some medication adjustments which, along with not watching Grey's before bed, seem to be helping. Although not as much as I would like :-/ 
  3. Send Christmas cards. CHECK! And a good thing too since it's, you know, January.
  4. Go to 2-3 yoga classes (especially during the holidays). CHECK! I went to three yoga classes this month INCLUDING ones the weeks of Christmas and New Year's! 
  5. Watch out for anxiety spirals, especially on/around Christmas and NYE. CHECK! I think the yoga helped, as did taking off a bunch of time at the end of the year. The holidays were actually great; now, I need to be mindful of separation anxiety, since that seems to be my biggest post-holiday/time-off hurdle.

What are you guys working on this month?

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